Friday, October 9, 2015

Seven Beauty Essentials

As makeup lovers, we do like a little hoard every now and again, don’t we? However, most of us probably have a pretty nice makeup collection full of bits and bobs we don’t actually need. I decided I’d put together a list of my absolute beauty essentials, so maybe this will help you if you’re just starting your makeup collection!

A buffing brush
My most loved and most used makeup item of all time is my EcoTools Custom Coverage Buffing Brush. Buffing brushes make your skin look absolutely flawless and help make thicker foundation applications look natural and well-finished. Stippling brushes/foundation brushes just don’t do it for me, and I’ve not found a foundation that my buffing brush couldn’t apply beautifully.

A MAC lipstick
All hail the MAC lipstick! My collection is still slowly growing, and I keep finding colours and finishes I want, but I think every makeup lover should own at least one of these. They’re a blogger and general population of the world favourite, and their reputation is almost perfect. MAC is a well loved brand, and their vanilla scented lipsticks (which come in a huge range of colours) could easily be the only lipstick you’d ever need! My MAC lipstick shown is in the shade ‘Russian Red’.

An eyeshadow palette
Eyeshadow palettes are so convenient. Not only do they give your eyeshadows a handy little spot to live in, they usually come with a certain style or in a shade range, meaning that nine times out of ten, you won’t have to put much effort into matching colours. Eyeshadow palettes sit nicely in your handbag or travel bag, many of them come with a brush, and I find they’re a lot sturdier than single eyeshadow compacts. On top of this, it works out cheaper to buy a palette rather than lots of separate shades! My eyeshadow palette is Stila ‘In The Light’.

A lipliner
Lipliners are such a necessity now I’m more serious about makeup. I didn’t even own one until December last year but now I couldn’t be without one. They’re essential for basically making your lips look ‘right’, and less like you’ve tried to slather on your lipstick with a broken arm. For nudes, maybe they’re not such a must, but for reds and berry colours, they’ll save you. They stop your lips from feathering and fading around the corners too, meaning you don’t have to whip out your lippy every five minutes to reapply or tidy up! My lip pencil shown is MAC ‘Subculture’.

A good foundation
This one might be a little bit of an investment, but providing you know your skin type and pick your colour correctly you should be onto a winner pretty quickly. Know what sort of coverage you want before choosing a foundation, and I’d always recommend getting yourself colour matched by someone working in the shop. My all time favourite foundation is NARS Sheerglow, which is slightly pricier, however L’Oreal True Match is utterly brilliant too and it’s a fraction of the price! My foundation shown is MAC Studio Sculpt.

Micellar Water
An essential part of doing your makeup is actually removing it. Micellar water has changed what used to be a chore for me into something really swift and easy and effortless. Taking your makeup off will help you keep your skin soft and blemish-free; a better canvas for your makeup. This Garnier Micellar Water is really gentle, too, even on the eyes. Simply douse a cotton pad in the micellar water and gently wipe away makeup.

An Essie nail polish
I used to be a terrible nail biter, but I found that the only thing that helped me stop was having pretty nails. Now, I’ve got nice, strong nails which I love painting. I usually go for a black polish, but having recently been recommended colours for autumn, I’ve switched it up a bit. Essie is a brilliant brand because it’s colours are so diverse. I feel quite overwhelmed with all the prettiness when I visit a Superdrug for my newest addition because the colour range is so huge! My Essie nail polish shown is in the shade Chinchilly.

I’m quite content with that little list! I’m sure I could survive solely on those seven items if I had to. I’m always tempted to have a haul, but working out what my essentials are bring me back to reality for a while!

What are your essential beauty items? Did I miss anything you’d have added? Let me know in the comments or on twitter!

Lots of love,

Jasmine x



  1. Nice lipstick color :)
    Maria V.

  2. Micellar water and a buffing brush are definitely on my essentials list. I couldn't live without them. I would also add a good lip balm as my lips are always getting chapped x

    Mapped Out | Fashion, Beauty, Lifestyle


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