Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Must Have Brow Products

This could equally be called ‘the lazy girl’s guide to brows’ or ‘brow products for people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing’, but for me, these are the most wonderful eyebrow products you can get at the moment. I’m a self-confessed moron in the eyebrow department, so you might like to take these recommendations with a pinch of salt. I simply can’t understand all this plucking, shaping, overdrawing business that goes on lately, so I go for products which accentuate the natural shape and style of my brows. I don’t like to overcomplicate things; so without further ado, here are my top 3 must have brow products!

Essence Clear Brow & Lash Gel | Link
To be honest, any clear brow/lash gel will do for and easy, effortless brow look. This is the most minimal, no-fuss brow products you’ll ever come across. Some days, I can’t even consider filling in my brows or anything, so a clear brow gel works brilliantly to set them in place. Alternatively, if you’re going for a more ‘done’ look, you can use a brow powder to fill the brows in and just set them neatly with this gel. No fuss, done in 5 seconds and you can run out the door!

Soap & Glory Archery | Link
My newest addition to my brow product collection! It is of course Soap & Glory’s well-loved Archery in Brownie Points. Archery isn’t one I’ve had the pleasure of using a whole lot yet, but I do know that it’s a dream to use. It’s really easy to work out and the results are so natural looking. Soap & Glory always comes out on top with their products; their Supercat Pen is my holy grail liquid eyeliner, so I’ve got high hopes for Archery reaching my top favourite products by the end of the year. I first use the felt tip end to fill in my brows with the most natural looking shade of ashy brown, then I use the crayon end to fill them out slightly more in the ends. I then set it all with my clear brow gel!

Benefit Gimme Brow | Link
This is my ultimate holy grail eyebrow product, and pretty much the only one of these three I really can’t live without. It’s a fibre-gel, so it actually adds thickness and colour to your brows in the most natural and effortless way. You use it the same as a brow gel, and it only takes a few seconds to apply and brush all your eyebrow hairs into place. Benefit describes how “It builds easily for thick, lush arches, thanks to a tapered brush for blending & precision tip for shaping.” I have mine in Light/Medium, and it’s honestly made doing my brows seem less daunting, and I’m always feeling confident knowing I look ‘done’.

I definitely don’t claim to be any sort of authority in the brow department; to me it’s all very alien and complex, but I have definitely managed to find a brilliant range of products which work really well for me. These products are so great for easy, quick application which actually result in the prettiest and most defined of brows! I’d love to add Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade to my collection soon; just trying to save my pennies so I can invest in the most raved about brow product ever!

What are your favourite brow products at the moment? Let me know in the comments!

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