Wednesday, December 2, 2015

MAC Lipstick in Velvet Teddy

How much later could I have possibly been to this party? When the internet went Kylie Jenner insane and everyone on earth seemed to be after her full-on 90’s pout, Velvet Teddy by MAC shot to fame. It was pretty hard to get your hands on for a long while; I checked my local store a few times and even tried eBay to find myself a tube of this pure heaven. Eventually, after moving to Bristol, I found one in my local MAC store and have absolutely fallen in love.
Velvet Teddy is a 90’s twist on the classic nude lip; slightly browner, warmer and muted. The pigmentation is ridiculously good, and the colour stays on my lips for a majority of the day (hallelujah lipcote, no need for re-application!). It’s a really pretty coffee-coloured, creamy, mature shade. I’m sure you’ll have all seen pictures and raves about the quality of this stunning shade, but I definitely want to give you all my opinion still! The name ‘Velvet Teddy’ is especially suited to the lippy; the consistency and texture of the lipstick on your lips is just like real velvet. It’s perfectly matte and soft; non-drying, smooth and doesn’t bleed, fade or melt off your face!
For the standard £15.50 that MAC lipsticks cost, I’d recommend adding it to your collection. Though a part of me wanted to break away from the trend and not give in to the fact that literally everyone on earth was buying this, I couldn’t resist. I have found that this lipstick suits so many people I know so well. My flatmate Ellie, with much more olive skin than me, and dark hair, wears Velvet Teddy as her staple every day lipstick. It was actually trying on hers that made me desperate to go out and purchase it! For me, it’s becoming one of my go-to day to day lipsticks. I like to swap between Faux (my all-time favourite MAC lippy) and Velvet Teddy for my grungier daytime nude, but this recent addition has sold itself to me based on its matte finish alone.
For me, my favourite way to wear this is with a flawless base, natural contouring and blush (I’m loving Dandelion by Benefit at the moment). Then I’ll use my Naked palette to create a subtle bronze smokey eye with a simple catflick. I finish it all off with Velvet Teddy for a really beautiful and perfectly suited to Autumn/Winter face of makeup. I wore it in my ‘Eyeshadow Palette Collection’ video (Link) which you can watch below so you can see it in action! It was also featured in my MAC lipstick collection (Link) video too.

Have you got Velvet Teddy in your lipstick collection? What are your thoughts on it? Let me know in the comments!
Lots of love,
Jasmine x


  1. ooh this is a definite must on my christmas list this year! lovely post <3 x


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