Monday, December 14, 2015

Make Up Store Multilash Mascara

Mmmm, a new mascara! Mascaras aren’t actually something I treat myself to every five minutes. I’m much more of a face product girl! Having said that, mascara is the one thing I don’t like to leave the house without, and I completely believe that the right one can quickly become your best friend and your life saver! This little baby by Make Up Store was part of my huge Make Up Store haul from late last year, and I can’t quite believe it’s taken me so long to get this review sorted. I absolutely adore this mascara; it is probably my every-day choice and I just love its simplicity. I got mine from the Beauty Bay website for £13, and since first opening it, have barely been without it. Make Up Store describes it as “a best-selling treatment mascara which gives intense volume and length to the lashes.” I’m actually really very lucky with my eyelashes because they’re long and thick and they don’t take too much effort to make all voluminous and elongated. However, I’ve really fallen in love with Make Up Store’s offering.

Let’s start with the packaging; a sleek and simplistic black tube with Make Up Store’s name in slightly shiny text all over. It’s practical, fits nicely in my makeup back and is actually instantly recognisable despite its ‘plain-ness’. The brush itself is exactly what I go for in a mascara brush (I’m not exactly sure which shapes do what but there you go!), straight, with thin, pointy bristles. I find that the brush applies a perfect amount of product to your lashes. With a little wiggle at the base, it coats them evenly and thoroughly, and lengthens them noticeably. I’ve still never accidentally poked myself in the eyeball or got a dreaded black mascara splodge on my fresh eye shadow with this one either! But lets not tempt fate!

My lashes are definitely thicker, longer, and true true black with this mascara. I dislike those mascaras (usually drugstore ones (sorry!)) that look almost grey and faded. However, the pigmentation of this mascara is second to none. It’s lasted really well, and for only £13 I’m not even too terrified of running out because I know it’s affordable enough to pick up another one. I’m absolutely so in love with this mascara, and I have nothing negative to say about it, other than perhaps it’s a little bit of a pain that you will probably have to order it online unless you live close to the only Make Up Store shop in England, which is in London!

What is your favourite mascara? Have you ever tried any Make Up Store products? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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