Friday, December 18, 2015

Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit in Fair

This is such a well overdue blog post I actually can’t remember when I even bought this! This is my first Makeup Revolution product, and one I’ve not actually used as many times as I thought. The brand is so so so famous in the bloggersphere, and is well loved by many of my favourite bloggers and youtubers. They’re probably most famous because they make really convincing dupes for higher end, more expensive makeup products. I’ve been eyeing up the Naked Flushed palettes for a little while now, which are significantly more expensive than their cheeky £3.50 Makeup Revolution versions. They have been hailed all over the internet as almost perfect dupes, and while the quality and longevity might not be as amazing as its more pricey older sister over at Urban Decay, they have certainly been giving the big brand a run for its money!

I chose my contour kit in ‘fair’. Being pale and vampirey, it can be pretty challenging to find contour shades in colours that don’t look like great big mud streaks down your cheeks. Luckily, Makeup Store found a little gap in the market there, and I ended up with a contour kit which seems to really match my skintone! Though, as I mentioned before, I don’t wear this all the time (only every now and again when I’ve left my absolute holy grails at the boyfriend’s!). The palette features a contour/bronzer, blush shade and a highlighter.

The countour/bronzer shade is natural and warm, and even though I generally prefer a cooler, ashier contour shade, this seems to match my skin really well. It also looks fab for summer makeup because it’s slightly warmer and bronze. The blush is a shimmery, warm pink. With its coral undertones and glowy finish, again, it ended up being much more of a summer blush. I have probably worn the blush most out of all the shades that are featured in this palette. The highlight shade is a slightly peachy, vibrant cream with subtle shimmer that leaves your skin radiant. I love this as a highlight, and even though I’ve got higher end options, I do enjoy using this one when I want to look really defined and glistening; especially on nights out.

Unfortunately, I can’t really compare this palette to Urban Decay’s offering, but there are plenty of reviews online that can. I don’t own the Naked Flushed palette, but to be honest, I don’t really feel that I need to now I own this Makeup Revolution version. It’s much more cost effective and, in my opinion, a great product. I don’t necessarily feel like I need to spend significantly more for a brand name, but that’s just me! If you’re wondering whether to fork out for the more expensive option, then this might be a great one to try beforehand.

What is your favourite Makeup Revolution product? Do you think they’re good dupes? Let me know in the comments!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. I have this palette but I am not very fussed over it, so I very rarely reach for it. I think I keep it only because my husband purchased it for me.

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