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NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadow Palette & Swatches

As I’m sure you can imagine, I’ve been dying to write this extremely exciting review on NARS’s Dual Intensity Eyeshadow palette which I was lucky enough to receive for Christmas. This palette is beyond luxurious; I don’t even want to think about how much it cost my mum, but it was my favourite present and I’ve hardly put it down since I opened it!

NARS’s most recent eyeshadow palette comes in the form of this beautiful, sleek, mirrored palette. Its clasps shut and looks beyond beautiful in my makeup collection. It has NARS’s signature logo on the front, and contains 8 stunning shades from their dual intensity eyeshadow range. The Dual Intensity eyeshadows can be used both wet and dry (something I was completely oblivious to when I first received this gift!) and are sheer and light or bold and opaque depending on which finish you choose. So far, I’ve actually not gotten around to swatching these wet, but I’ve seen a tonne of reviews of this amazing palette online, so you should definitely be able to find some somewhere.

What NARS says:
“Europa - Gossamer Pink Peach” – Almost invisible on my skin, but can be built up for a delicate, soft and quite summery, I’d say, eyeshadow shade.
“Himalia - Shimmering Topaz” – I’m not exactly sure what Topaz is, but I’d describe it as a warm golden shade with beautiful subtle shimmer.
“Ursa Major - Chocolate Glaze” – Probably my absolute favourite in the palette, this suits my blue eyes so well and I can’t even get over how well these shadows blend out!
“Subra - Black Orchid” – Another absolute beauty which, although it looks dark red in the pan, is actually a deep, dark bronze plum.
“Andromeda – Alabaster” – This is another sheer one, and one I’ve been using as a base to amplify the colours of my other eyeshadows.
“Lysithea - Shark Grey” – I adoooore this shade, and it’s probably my second favourite. It’s a dramatic, steely ‘shark’ grey which looks incredible blended out into black for a bold nighttime eye.
“Giove – Navy” – Reminiscent of the night sky, this dark blue is perfect for nights too. The subtle shimmer of these shadows look incredibly beautiful when the light hits them.
“Sycorax – Black” – The most jet jet jet black I’ve ever seen, ever! This is the most perfect crease colour, and blends like a dream for a sultry, smoky eye.

What I say:
These eyeshadows are almost misleading in the pan, and the colours do confuse me a bit. When I first tried to use them, I ended up with totally different colours on my eyes to what I thought I’d be getting. Once I swatched them, though, I realised it was the shimmer of the shadows which caused their colours to distort a bit in the palette. Now I’m used to them, I adore them, and I can’t believe how wonderfully they blend. I’m excited to try them wet, but I’m not entirely sure when my makeup will call for an intense, bold, opaque eyeshadow look, but we’ll see. I already think these eyeshadows are perfect when applied dry, so it’s actually just a cool little bonus for me that you can, if you choose, apply them wet too.

The palette comes with a little brush too, and, if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I really really really do not like brushes that come free with eyeshadow palettes. I know it might sound a bit snobby or silly, but I don’t feel like they’re ever any good, and I like sticking to my much loved Sigma brushes. Having said this, I’ve not yet tried the brush which comes with the palette, but it claims to be a ‘wet and dry’ brush, so it’ll be interesting to see the effects on my eyeshadow!

What’s your favourite eyeshadow palette? Have you tried NARS’s Dual Intensity shadows?

Lots of love,

Jasmine x


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  1. Subra is a shade that speaks to me on a deeply emotional level, it is the colour of my soul.

    Kiran |


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