Saturday, February 20, 2016

Make Blue Eyes Pop

As a blogger who mostly loves natural beauty, I often find myself looking for ways to play up to my strengths. In my case, it’s highlighting my high cheekbones, whitening my teeth that mum paid a whole lot of money to have braces on them, and accentuating my blue eyes! I’ve put together a list of my top eyeshadows from various brands which I think do the job of making your blue eyes pop the best. You’ll find a range of affordable drugstore options, and slightly higher brands too. Either way, if you’re after tips on how to define your blue eyes more, or if you’re just after inspiration for some new sexy, smoky browns to try, then look no further!

Stila ‘Sunset’ – I lusted after the In The Light palette by Stila for such a long time, and when I finally got my hands on it, there was one colour that jumped out to me above all the others. Sunset is a shimmering, warm bronze shadow that contrasts beautifully with the coolness of blue eyes. In my case, my eyes have grey flecks, so the warmth of the colour makes my eyes stand out so much more.

Zoeva ‘Forever Yours’ – This is a shade I love using as a base shade for more dramatic eyeshadow looks, like when I’m off for an evening out somewhere. Even by laying warm browns, you can make your eyes pop. I love the subtlety of the shimmer, too, so it’s easy to get away with for a daytime crease colour too.

Zoeva ‘Lovely Monday’ – This is probably my most used shade from the Naturally Yours palette, which features a range of nudes and neutrals through to deep dark browns. ‘Lovely Monday’ is my most worn crease colour and I wear it sparingly in the outer corners of my eyes to create depth and definition.

Makeup Revolution ‘Shade 5’ – One of my peeves about Makeup Revolution is that they don’t name their eyeshadows! Having said this, they’re super affordable and you’re certainly not skimping on quality. ‘Shade 5’ is a rich and metallic rusty gold that is so perfect for nights out and glamming up your eyes, while (for me) still keeping to my grungy look!

Urban Decay ‘Buck’ – ‘Buck’ is so well known throughout the blogging community because we all recognise it from the palette we all know and love so dearly; the Naked palette! Buck is the perfect crease and transition colour for most smoky eyes because its so gentle and complimentary to blue eyes.

Urban Decay ‘Smog’ – ‘Smog’ is my favourite of the bunch by a fair old way. I adore the opacity, and stick a little bit of Primer Potion on, and it’ll retain its shimmer all night. Again, it’s that rusty bronze/gold I’m addicted to, and looks ultra sexy smudged under the lower lashes for an evening eye. 10 out of 10, top marks, 100%, well done Urban Decay!

Make Up Store ‘Sophisticated’ – ‘Sophisticated’ is the coolest toned shade here, but I love the casualness of this shade. It looks almost mauve in comparison to the warmer browns featured in this post, but is actually a really flattering taupe. I love wearing this by itself in the daytime for an effortless, but more defined eye.

Make Up Store ‘Velvet’ – This shade is so stunning, and comes a close second to ‘Smog’ by UD. It screams out to me with its antique look, and reminds me of old candlesticks and ornaments you find in your nan’s attic. The shimmer is beautiful, and although it takes a bit of building, the colour is worth it at the end!

Do you own any of these shades? Which eyeshadows would you recommend for blue eyed girls & boys?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. I own the naked palette so I will definitely have to try shades like this to enhance my blue eyes! This was such a lovely, helpful post x

  2. Loved this post! I was actually thinking of doing a similar one haha! My favourites to make my blue eyes pop are MAC 'All That Glitters' and Maybelline 'Copper Fizz'. I would highly recommend them :)
    Lauren |


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