Friday, February 5, 2016

The Softest, Silkiest Locks With milk_shake

Dry hair? Brittle ends? I know I sound like an advert, but I’m seriously excited to be reviewing my favourite hair product of the year so far. Milk_shake’s Integrity Hair Treatment is getting reviewed today, and my goodness, do I love it! Actually, I’ve had this little beauty for about a year now (and for some reason am only just reviewing it?!) and it’s always top of my list when my hair needs a good old detox, nourish, and general TLC. I’ve tried and tested many many deep conditioners for hair. Being bleach blonde, all the colour I have done definitely takes its toll on the condition of my hair, so I’m always investing in ‘wonder products’ that are claiming to revitalise and nourish. I picked this up from my hairdressers after a bleach bath for £13.95. Milkshake wasn’t a brand I’d ever heard of, but further research into them and from reading a couple of reviews, I soon began to love the sound of them and realised I’d stumbled on a little bit of a gem!

For starters, the packaging is one of the most appealing and aesthetically pleasing bottles for a product I’ve seen for a long time. I love the minimalism, the block white and block yellow, the no-frills feel. I love when brands don’t feel the need to spend huge amounts of money on designing elaborate bottles. Seriously, if your product is that good, you could sell it to me in a plastic cup! As a brand, Milkshake is very no-fuss, and focuses on natural ingredients to enhance natural beauty. They say: “milk_shake is a salon professional hair care brand, offering a complete range of quality products to enhance and maintain the natural beauty of hair.”

Now, down to business! If I told you that you could slather something thick, rich, gloopy and delightfully creamy all over your hair, whilst inhaling the smell of vanilla milkshake, would you want to? I certainly want to! I can’t get over the quality of the actual conditioner itself. It’s probably one of the thickest, yet easily spreadable treatments I’ve ever used (some can be so clumpy and too thick). I shampoo as normal, and instead of conditioner, use a generous amount of this treatment on my hair. I like to wring my hair out a little and apply it to damp-ish hair, just because I think it helps to penetrate the cuticles better when your hair has less moisture hanging around. Plus, my hair is dry as anything, so I need all the help I can get! I leave it on for around 5-10 mins and rinse. I also love using this as a overnight mask for my hair, and I can tell you, you will probably never feel as luxurious or fragrant as you will after sleeping with this baby on your hair. Your locks will be transformed, take it from someone with hair usually resembling sandpaper! This haircare product gets 5 stars from me; it’s one of my absolute favourite hair products ever!

Have you tried any of milk_shake’s products? What would you recommend for a hair mask lover like me?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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