Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Affordable, Pamper-Perfect Mud Mask

Anyone else a complete face mask obsessive? Yep, my hand is way way way up. There’s nothing I find more relaxing or luxurious than relaxing with a magazine with my face covered in some gloopy goodness. As a little bit of a product hoarder, I seem to have been around the block a few times when it comes to drugstore and high street masks, but somehow I missed these little babies. Superdrug’s own branded face masks (Link) come in six different formulas; dead sea, aloe vera, cucumber, witch hazel, superberry and vitamin e, which means there is definitely something there for everyone. Naturally, as an oily and spotty-skinned twenty year old, I grabbed the witch hazel version to see if it could really calm my skin down.

At only £2.59, it’s a steal for the 75ml you get in the tube. I also love the bottle. It’s simple, don’t get me wrong, but all the pastel colours of the packaging look seriously cute next to each other and every colour matches the main ingredient somehow. Nice work, designers! The other ingredients in my little tube of goodness include kaolin (helps remove dead skin cells), Dead Sea mud (this helps exfoliate and detoxify the skin) and limonene (helps the mask to penetrate for deep down cleansing). It doesn’t really smell too much of anything, but if I had to put a word to it, I might say it smells faintly bitter, but not in an off-putting way in the slightest.

Application is simple and easy, and the lid makes it easy to flip shut when your fingers are covered in product. Squeezing out the last of the product won’t be an issue since the bottle is designed in a user-friendly, no-scissors-to-hack-it-open-necessary manner. The product itself is actually runnier than I imagined. Not full on liquid, but not the usual quite clay-like mask I’m used to. That’s not an issue, though, as it makes it very easy to apply and it spreads around my face really easily. It’s actually really cooling to apply too, and your skin feels very sooth and very calmed down. I did notice a bit of tingling, but this doesn’t bother me in a face mask because I like to know my product is working! Even though the tingling isn’t intense, this might be a product to avoid if you’re made uncomfortable by tingling!

Results-wise, it’s a product I’ve only really been using for a few weeks, but I do love how my skin looks after I use it. I apply this mask probably twice a week on average, and my skin definitely looks noticeably more bright and fresh. It’s as though my pores have really had all the grot dug out from within them (gross!) and it does take a few hours for my skin to get greasy again. The first time I used this, I really felt like I needed to moisturise afterwards, but my skin is definitely used to the mask now and I just feel genuinely clean! With regards to it minimising spots and clearing breakouts, I think it’s helping as part of my entire skincare routine, but a difference is definitely being noticed.

This is a firm favourite for me, and a really exciting discovery. I’m wary to try own-brand products because I feel like by skimping on price, you’re automatically skimping on quality, but it doesn’t seem to be true at all in this case! I’d love to try the vitamin e version next, and then probably the dead sea one too. Ah, so many masks, so little time!

Have you tried Superdrug’s own masks? What are your thoughts on this mask?
Lots of love,

Jasmine x



  1. Oooh these sound really good and so inexpensive too! I feel like recently Superdrug have really upped their skincare brand, I'll have to check their products out more!

    Aliya x | |

  2. This sounds amazing and so cheap compared to other masks!

    Parie x


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