Monday, March 7, 2016

The Only Blush, Contour & Highlight Palette You Need

As part of a Make Up Revolution Haul a couple of weeks ago, I selected this stunning Golden Sugar Professional Blush Palette. I’d had my eye on this little baby for a couple of months ever since I picked it up for my sister’s birthday (and forced myself to wrap it up and post it to her!). Make Up Revolution has definitely made its mark on the beauty scene now, with counters pretty much everywhere and can’t-say-no prices. What first attracted me to the palette was the sheer size of it; it’s utterly huge! This means fab powder sizes inside, and a massive mirror too. On top of that, it’s only £6. You’re paying £6 for eight different cheek shades! This palette is called a blush palette, but you actually receive three contours, four blushes and a highlighter. Make Up Revolution says you get: “the most amazing collection of bronzers, merged blushers, baked bronzer and 2 merged baked highlighters.” It’s easy to see why I picked it up, hey?

The shades themselves aren’t actually named, which drives me up the wall, but considering the cost of the products, I can see where they may be saving money. Since they’re clearly not compromising on quality, it’s fair enough to let the names of shades slide. It does make them hard to review, though! On the other hand, the packaging is black, sleek, smooth, shiny, easy to wipe, flat, easy to store, easy to carry around, minimalistic, pretty. It’s pretty much everything I want in a palette’s packaging! The mirror is huge, taking up the entire inside lid for easy on the go application. I’ve actually started using this as my compact mirror, just because it’s such a great mirror!

Onto the shades! The highlighter is exactly the sort of quality you’d expect if you’ve tried the single highlights released by Make Up Revolution. It is pearly and marbled in the pan, and icy white for a refreshed looking glow.
Next along the top row is my favourite blush of all the ones in the palette. I’d describe it as a soft salmon peach with a hint of shimmer. This has been on my cheeks a lot since I bought the palette, and it’s definitely made its mark in my makeup collection!
To the right again we have a slightly deeper toned shade with heaps of shimmer. I adore how this one looks in the pan, but this definitely needs a lighter hand on my paler skin, because I can look a bit ‘wowzer’ flushed if I’m too keen!
At the end of the top row is an incredibly pigmented and glitzy bronzer indeed! This bronzer came as a bit of a shock, and is so unlike anything I currently own. Bronzing is something I’d like to experiment with more, especially in summer when my skin is a slightly darker shade.
Below is a shimmering bronzer, which I’ll probably use to sweep a bit of colour over my cheeks for a more natural bronzed glow. It’s got a whole lot of sparkle, so it’s probably one for the evenings out or the hot summer days!
Along again is a rich and rosy blush with the most glitter I’ve ever seen packed into a product! That’s not to say I don’t like it, it’s just to say that there’s definitely a product for every occasion in this palette. You need a strong cheek with lots of shimmer? This palette’s got you!
The next shade along is one I’ve been experimenting with already, and although it looks scary and orangey, (especially to use paler girls and guys out there!) with a light hand it can be quite an interesting blusher look. I’ll update you further on this one, but so far I’m liking it, even though it is way out of my usual comfort zone!
Finally on the bottom is the contour shade; a true matte and actually very very flattering contour! I tend to drift towards ashier contour colours, but even so; the warmer tone of this could suit my skin absolutely perfectly for summer, and applies beautifully evenly for stay all day wear.

This palette is a winner for me, simply because I don’t actually think you’d need to purchase another blush or bronzer for a really long time after getting your hands on this! There is genuinely something for every occasion. I definitely think this palette is going to be best suited to my skin in the summer, but for now, the rosy and peachy blushes are looking fab!

Have you tried this palette? What are your thoughts on Make Up Revolution?
Lots of love,

Jasmine x



  1. I have this too and at first I didn't love it, but over time it's became such an essential and I now reach for it most days! The very pale pink and the one underneath it are my absolute faves (maybe we should just give them our own names...)

    Claire | xx

  2. I'm in need of new makeup. This looks like a must have. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Oh my Lordy, this is beautiful! I can't believe how cheap it is too!


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