Monday, June 6, 2016


Since I just had my birthday, I’ve come into a lot of new clothes lately. I decided to create a LookBook of everyday outfits to show off my lovely new stuff, maybe to inspire a few of you, and to get my head around what I actually own and how I should even be dressing myself. As you can see, this LookBook is vibrant and colourful…NAAAHT. Black is d e f i n i t e l y my favourite colour, and monochromes go with it so well. Wearing lots of black means I can jazz up my makeup and hair a lot more, so I usually just gravitate towards very wearable, pattern neutral garb. I filmed a LookBook for my YouTube channel, so feel free to go and check that out too!

Look 1:
Jacket | TopShop Moto Oversized Denim Jacket in Black £45
Top | Topshop ‘90s Racerback Crop Top in Black £6
Jeans | Topshop Joni Jeans £36
Boots | Office Vagabond Dioon Boots £90
Bag | Primark Backpack £8

I love this look because it is perfect for spring when the weather is a little bit iffy and you can’t really trust it to stay warm and sunny. On top of that, I adore double denim and this look somehow doesn’t make me look all ‘90s Britney and Justin Timberlake-esque. The racer crop (which you can’t really see but it’s in the video properly) is super flattering, and the oversized jacket can be pulled over the top in the evenings when it starts to get cooler. As for the Vagabond boots, I salivate every time I see them. They are grunge-chic and completely amazing and comfy beyond belief, but they add about 2/3 inches onto my 5’3” frame.

Look 2:
Top | NewLook Stripe Crop Top £7
Skirt | NewLook Button Front Skirt £8 (Generation 915 in the Sale!)
Boots | Office Vagabond Dioon Boots £90
Bag | Primark Backpack £8

This is probably the most ‘done up’ look of the lot. I don’t do ‘dressing up’ very well, so even in this outfit I feel a little bit princess. I love the new crop top I bought on my birthday; it’s very stereotypical blogger and will fit right in on my YouTube channel. The skirt is flattering and the perfect length for me. As for the boots, again, they’re perfect. These boots actually go with almost any outfit I wear, and I feel like they glam up anything. They were an eye-watering £90, but I feel like it was a worthy investment.

Look 3:
Jumper | Boohoo Slash Neck Crop Jumper £10
Jeans | Topshop Rip Knee Joni Jeans £40
Boots | Office Doc Martens £100
Bag | Tiger Tote Bag £0.50p

Can we all just take a minute to appreciate this tote bag?? It’s an incredible dupe for the American Apparel Tote bag, and is surprisingly durable for a cheap tote that has endured many a Tesco trip. These ripped Joni jeans have existed almost permanently on my legs for the last year or so, and they’re still my absolute favourite pair of jeans. The jumper is super lovely, too. I must stress the importance of a slouchy knit for spring/summer! It’s perfect for evenings on the beach or camping when the evenings get cooler. Plus, it just looks low maintenance and cute and oversized.

Look 4:
Playsuit | Urban Outfitters Ecote Playsuit £49
Boots | Office Doc Martens £100
Bag | Primark Backpack £8

I fell in love with this playsuit when I first spotted it on the Urban Outfitters website. It’s so beautiful and gypsy-ish and girly and slouchy looking. I love to dress it up or down; I wore it to my birthday meal and then go-karting a few days later. It ticks all my boxes! As for the Doc Martens, they’re my ol’ faithfuls. I basically live in them. I got this pair for Christmas 2015, but before that, I’d had my old pair for 5 whole years!

Look 5:
Top | Boohoo Mia V Bardot Crop £6
Skirt | Boohoo Contrast Maxi Skirt £8
Shoes | Primark Chunky Sandals £5
Bag | Tiger Tote Bag £0.50p

Okay, so this is definitely the most affordable outfit of the bunch. It’s also pretty regal, if you ask me! I saw a girl who worked in the tattoo shop I got my recent tattoo in dressed in an outfit very similar to this. And maaaan did she look good! I was reluctant to purchase the skirt because I feel like I look short in loads of things, and a maxi skirt would swamp me. However, I decided to give it a go and I sort of like it! It’d be more of a dressy outfit for me, maybe a ‘dinner with friends’ type of outfit. Regardless, I’m really surprised at how nice I think it looks, and the sandals are seriously comfy.

I hope you enjoyed reading this very rare LookBook post! I certainly enjoyed shooting the pictures and editing the video. I’ve definitely got a much better idea about what piece of clothing goes with what and I’ve even had a big wardrobe sort out! I’d quite like to do more of these types of posts in the future, so keep your eyes peeled!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. I love every single look- it's so my style! you look stunning too <3 lovely post x

  2. Love this - all black everyday!


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