Saturday, July 23, 2016


Starting full time work does have its perks, I suppose! Sure, I may be getting up at 6am every morning, getting home exhausted, not having time to shower, being the proud owner of two greyish, purplish designer bags under my eyes, BUT, I seem to be making more money than I’ve ever been used to, and that means I can afford to treat myself a bit! Topshop has always been such a favourite of mine. It’s where I would love to buy most of my clothes from (wallet permitting), but I absolutely HAVE to have my jeans from there, and their underwear is top-notch. Here are my latest online purchases, exciting!

Stab Stitch Bralet and High Waist Pant | £36.00
Three Stripe Crop Tee by Adidas Originals | £25.00
PETITE MOTO Ripped Mom Shorts | £30.00

So I’m definitely embracing a grungier style. I’ve always loved a touch of the 90s, and I’m a sucker for Adidas originals. It’s also my boyfriend’s birthday coming up, so that explains the unbelievably beautiful gunmetal lingerie set. What did you last pick up from Topshop? Let me know!

Lots of love,


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