Thursday, August 18, 2016


This blog post is dedicated to the loving memory of my bank balance and my rationality. Seriously, when the new Anastasia Beverley Hills release comes through your letterbox, (you know, the one everyone is losing their minds over/is sold out everywhere/is the most beautiful thing ever created by man) it’s difficult to decide whether I hate myself or I love myself. We’ll probably settle on the ‘love’. This is a treat and a half for me, considering I’m meant to be saving to move to London in a couple of weeks, and I’ve been trying to be careful with cash. However, when I saw this palette, all common sense abandoned me and I ended up parting with £45 in exchange for a little slice of heaven.

I think the pictures are pretty self-explanatory, but unless you’ve been existing in a cave, you’ll be well aware that this is a warm, rosy palette with a huuuuge range of shades (14 in total!) starting at pale beige and going through pinks, reds, taupes and oranges to rich browns.

On top of the fact you’ve got an eyeshadow shade for literally any possible event you might need it for, can we please take a moment to talk about/cry about/worship the pigmentation and sheer quality of every single shade? I can’t even count the amount of palettes I have with a beigey nude that just literally will not show up. Fear not. Not with ABH! Even the palest shades are like magical gold dust.

I won’t go into each shade individually (I do have a life of family guy and twinings to get back to), but I will mention which shades I think are the stars of the show:
Buon Fresco has me dying literally every time I open the lid. Dusty, rosy, sultry. The swatch says it all. I love this as an everyday shade, and pretty much have plastered my face in it most days so far.
Antique Bronze is also beautifully rich and warm. Again, it’s one I reach for loads, and the shade screams class. It’s a brown with cranberry shimmer. What did we do to deserve such beauty?
Primavera this one really reminds me of Kitten by Stila (an absolute cult fave and all-round life changing product). It’s a delicate champagne with loads of shimmer that is amaaaazing for more night-outy looks.
Warm Taupe is another winner in my book. It’s warm, check, it’s taupe, check, it makes life that little bit more beautiful. This blends out like a dream and is subtle enough for most daytime wear.

Have you tried this palette? Do you think it’s worth the dollar? Let me know your opinions!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. I'm desperate to try this palette out!

    Parie x


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