Monday, September 12, 2016


It’s been a long time since we had an instagram catch up here on Jasmine McRae. I’m sure a lot of you will have seen a few of these pictures on either my Twitter or Instagram, but why not create a pretty collage and recap the fun things I’ve ben up to this month?

New Stuff – Working full time has been extremely good to me in the financial department. I’ve been able to treat myself a whole load this summer; skincare, makeup, clothing, homeware. It’s obscene, really. But do I regret it? NOPE. Do I love my stuff? YES! Do I feel even a tiny bit guilty? Ok, yes. But who cares? I’m back off to uni in a couple of weeks and that practically means the end of the world of eating out, shopping trips and sitting around in my onesie with a mouthful of chocolate digestives clicking ‘Checkout’.

The Boyfriend – Chris and I were originally meant to move in together at the beginning of the summer. It didn’t end up working out that way, and I enabled bitch-mode because I was so disappointed and was convinced he’d definitely dump me because we wouldn’t be able to spend much time together. As any neurotic, cray cray girlfriend will know, these fears weren’t realised and we actually had an amazing summer together. We’ve both worked hard to save up for our flat, but we also had an amazing week in Scotland and shared a fantastic time at Reading Festival together.

Moving To London – This month saw an incredibly huge life event for me. Chris and I found a lovely one bed flat in Leytonstone in East London, and within a week we were moved in. I’m currently unpacking, organising, buying toasters and trying to make the space ‘ours’, but I can’t even tell you how exciting and adulty this all is for me. Look out for a flat tour and moving in VLOG on my YouTue channel!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. Your instagram feed is gorgeous! Best of luck with the new flat!

    Parie x


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