Friday, September 30, 2016


As a fair-skinned lady, the most aggravating things about make up is finally purchasing THE contour powder that bloggers have been raving about and YouTubers have been praising, only to get it on my face and recoil in horror. It usually looks like I’ve wiped mud or fake tan under my cheekbone (neither options are ideal) and over the last couple of years I’ve been restricted to just two contour shades that don’t look whack AF. Aside from Illamasqua’s Heliopolis and NARS’s Laguna (with an extraordinarily light hand, I might add), every other contour shade has looked ridiculously obvious and silly. I still like to look at contour powders, despite my love-hate relationship with them, and stumbled upon theBalm’s Bahama Mama powder.

This is a contour like no other from a brand that I’m really beginning to love. theBalm is available online and in a few stores, but mine came from Superdrug and set me back a rather reasonable £15. The amount of product you actually get seems fair, I absolutely adore the packaging and you even get a decent sized mirror that isn’t warped at all (like so many are *eye roll*). What has really made me fall in love with Bahama Mama, though, is the actual tone of the shade. For many girls, they can slap on most contour shades. I even have friends who can just use bronzer as their contour! For us who resemble A4 paper, that simply won’t fly.

Bahama Mama has a distinct cool tone, and blends out under the cheekbone for the most natural shadowy-looking contour. I use mine with my Zoeva Rose Gold Face Paint Brush (don’t ask me why it’s called that, I have no idea) because it is slim and slides under the cheekbone to create a very chiselled, defined line. This contour slims my face really convincingly (Hazar! More doughnuts for me!) and I am starting to love contouring my nose, jaw line, under my bottom lip and temples for that real “I’m just casually giving myself plastic surgery on my face because I’m so talented at makeup” vibe. It’s not something I’ve been interested in doing before, but because this shade is so natural, it looks great and it flatters me in the loveliest of ways.

For those of you who struggle to find a decent contour shade because our genetics just didn’t want to play ball, then I’d recommend giving this a try. It’s a delicate, natural shade that blends out like a dream. I’ve also been using this as an eyeshadow because lets face it, if I’m paying £15 for something I want to be able to use it to contour, make tea with, hang my washing out on, drive it to university etc etc etc. But I am quite pleased with the value for money I got with this. Nothing but praise, well done theBalm!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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