Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Hellooooo two new Holy Grail products and a brand new obsession! As I mentioned recently, I’m having a right old tough time staying away from liquid lipsticks at the moment. I’m constantly looking for new ones, and parting with ridiculous amounts of money for the privilege of owning them. The two newest additions to my ever-growing collection are these two gorgeous little tubes of joy from Gerard Cosmetics. I was doing a bit of browsing on various U.S makeup sites and, after much persuasion by my favourite bloggers, decided on a couple of beautiful shades.

I settled on two neutral/nudey colours because I’m having a real nude lip moment over here. I spent a long time collecting 90s browns, red and plum lipsticks, and realised that I had very limited choice in the nude department. Though these Hydra Mattes come in LOADS of different shades; oranges, pinks, and plenty of vampy hues, I was mostly lusting over the nude tones because (as you can see) they are nothing short of perfect and to DIE for.

I do just want to take a moment to say that I think the owner/CEO/brain-person behind Gerard Cosmetics is a bit of a dick. There was a lot of controversy a while back surrounding her, and I generally aaaalways avoid buying makeup from companies that don’t meet my expectations on how you should behave in terms of being professional. I’ve avoided Lime Crime for the same reasons, and even Jeffree Star himself has put me off spending any cash on his obviously amazing liquid lipsticks. Moral: Don’t be a dick. Side Moral: Apparently I’ll still buy from Gerard Cosmetics anyway because I’m weak.

ANYWAY. I carefully selected two shades from the bunch; Iced Mocha and 1995. I have since gone on to buy two more and they are now in the post on their way to me, so you can expect another one of these posts in a while! For now though, these lipsticks have taken pride of place in my acrylic lipstick holder and I’ve worn both of them a couple of times. I really, REALLY like the doe-foot applicator on these. It’s somehow different to other liquid lipsticks I’ve tried; maybe it’s the shape or the fuzziness of the fuzz, but who knows? In any case, they apply as though Jesus himself is guiding my hand and it’s beyond easy to get looking good.

The shade 1995 was immediately appealing, not only because it’s the year I was born (insert ‘you know you’re born in the nineties when’ joke here) and because it’s not a typical ‘me’ shade. It’s still definitely nude, but very rosy and adds a feminine flush to my usual corpse-like complexion. Again, as most of my favourite lipsticks are, it’s a very Kylie Jenner shade. God damn her and her influence! Though the shades look quite similar in the tubes, this one is very warm and floral and will be perfect for spring. You can always trust me to buy things at the complete wrong time of year.

Iced Mocha
The shade to end all shades? The second coming of Christ? Why so many Jesus references in one blog post? HAVE THESE LIPSTICKS MADE ME RELIGIOUS? No. But this shade has got to be one of the most beautiful lipsticks I’ve ever had the pleasure of smearing on my face. It’s a cool, browny beige with lilac undertones. This shade is great for overdrawing my lips with, and is ideal for my usual grey-toned makeup. It receives bonus points for not looking weird with my silver hair and getting the (very rare) thumbs up from my boyfriend.

All in all, I’m pretty darn pleased with these investments. I say investments because, well, around £11 for 1.75ml of product makes you want to punch someone. With that being said, it certainly says a lot for the lipsticks (and my willpower) if I’ve gone and bought another two. I plan to do a couple of MOTD posts because I’ve been super duper lazy/disorganised and not done any for a while, but these lipsticks will be front and centre. Make sure you look out for those!

Have you tried these lipsticks from Gerard Cosmetics? Which shades are your favourite?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. I've heard so much about the brand but because the CEO/ founder/ whatever of it is a dick I've avoided it like the plague!

    I'm utterly obsessed with the shades you picked! I thought Iced Mocha would be a bit more brown but it's gorgeous!
    I feel that these 2 shades are pretty versatile and can be pulled off during any season or occasion! Can't wait for the next post!


  2. I recently picked up the Gerard gloss in 'angel cake' after seeing it looking so lush on Instagram MUA accounts. It's arrived and its like chalk on my lips and I'm GUTTED! :(

    Claudia xx

  3. Ah I've always wanted 1995, I still haven't got around to grabbing it. It looks lovely on! Iced Mocha really suits your skin tone too! xx

    Tamz |


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