Friday, October 21, 2016


October has been a pretty exciting and stressful month so far. I’ve been at uni for a while, I’m living out of home and again and am taking care of my very own 21-year-old toddler (the boyf), but I’m feeling fresh and fab. For those of you who do actually follow me on Instagram, you’ll see recycled selfies, pictures of the insides of shops and a HUGE struggle with my intended theme. Literally every time I post a picture of my boyfriend I’m back to square one because his ginger beard really doesn’t do my monochrome theme any favours. Ah well, love is a sacrifice! If you’d like to follow my Instagram, I’d love to be friends. My username is @JazMcRae and the link is at the bottom of this blog post. Here’s what I’ve been up to lately!

A month living together!
So Chris and I have officially lasted an entire month of living together without feeling the urge to run at one another with kitchen knives. How? I’ve got no idea! I’ll definitely be writing a lifestyle-type post on this topic, but it really is incredible to finally live together after almost 18 months of long-distance. The cups of tea being brought to me in the morning, the having someone to come home to, even just sitting on opposite ends of the sofa doing totally separate things is amazing. Swoon!

New Doc Martens
As a ‘well done and good luck in starting uni again’ present from my auntie and uncle, I received these amaaazing moon boots. I’m now a space girl! I’m obsessed with Doc Martens. I wear them 360 days a year, and I’d probably sleep in them if I could. My family members actively tell me not to wear them for nice evenings, but hey! They’re my babies. These particular ones have almost made my feet fall off so far. Anyone who has broken in a pair of Docs knows the pain. But how could you be mad at them? They’re so stunningly wondrous.

*Attempting* to be healthier
LOOK at my blueberries. #Cleaneating #BikiniBody #Fitspo. Not really though. I suck beyond belief at health and fitness. My dream afternoon is lying on the sofa working my way through a pizza and a chocolate gateau. I’m really TRYING to make little changes though, like getting off at the tube stop before my university so I walk a little bit extra, and swapping junk snacks for fruit. I put on a lot of weight at uni last year, and I don’t want to fall into a pattern of gaining but not losing any weight. It’s hard though!

Positivity, organisation and determination
Starting university again in a different city, finding new friends, looking for a job, getting used to your new schedule, adjusting to living without my parents again, adjusting to living with my boyfriend! All of these things require a positive outlook, even though it’s a daunting time. I’m queen of missing appointments or sleeping through my alarm, but I’m an adult now and bills need to be paid! It’s all very new and scary, but I’m focusing on the good and things are challenging but rewarding.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. I love seeing people talking about their Instagrams! Your feed is so gorgeous.

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