Thursday, October 6, 2016


 Nudes L-R // Stone, Taupe, Whirl, Velvet Teddy, Myth

Pinks L-R // Faux, Angel, Peach Blossom, Crème Cup, Snob, Flamingo 

 Reds L-R // Paramount, Studded Kiss, Russian Red, Morange

I am actually writing this blog post from beyond the grave; my lips got scrubbed so many agonising times to create this blog post that they turned against me and murdered me. As you may have guessed, I’ve got rather a soft spot for all things MAC. I’d say that (aside from a new NARS Sheerglow once every 18 months) MAC lipsticks are my number one favourite makeup product to buy. There are so many shades, finishes, textures and formulas that I could literally spend hours rummaging through a lipstick counter in Debenhams for my next perfect colour. Having said this, I have already amassed quite a decent collection. I’ve not really ever done a MAC lipstick collection post on my blog before (I’ve done swatch videos over on my YouTube channel), and I thought it’d probably be a useful thing to some people. So here it is!

Myth – A beige, concealer-lips looking matte shade that I have zero use for. It’s very pretty with a smoky eye on some girls, but not me!

Peach Blossom – A spring time peachy pink that applies very very sheer! I used this one when doing my friend’s wedding makeup and it suited her natural bridal makeup beautifully.

Angel – A baby pink with a slight shimmer. Very popular back in the day and sits really comfortably due to its satin finish.

Crème Cup – A Satin baby Barbie pink, which was ideal for 16 year old me and absolutely wrong on so many levels for mature, wise and worldly 21 year old me.

Flamingo – A fluorescent orange/pink lustre finish lipstick that never suited me, never will and leaves me questioning all my life choices.

Snob – A blue-toned Barbie pink that always surprises me with how much I like it when it’s on my lips. It does make my teeth look yellow and reminds me of Mean Girls though, so I never ever wear it.

Faux – The first nude lipstick that ever complimented my complexion and style; a dusty rose toned nude in a super comfortable satin finish.

Velvet Teddy – The nude to end all nudes! A beige toned natural pink in a matte shade. Made famous by Kylie Jenner but kept alive by my eternal love and passion for this lippy.

Taupe – A stunning warm, woody, nude toned matte that screams Autumn/Fall and refuses to budge off your lips ever.

Whirl – A deep, mauvey-brown nude that compliments even the palest of skintones (aka me) and even has a matte finish to make it all the more irresistible.

Stone – The newest of the bunch and definitely my current favourite. Greige (grey/beige) is life, and the matte finish seems to be getting me compliments left, right and centre.

Morange – Loud and proud, Morange is unapologetic and larger than life. A vibrant orange toned red in an Amplified Cream finish (gets your hair stuck in it. A LOT)

Russian Red – A classic true red lip with a matte finish to keep it velvety all day. Think snow white crossed with London phone boxes.

Paramount – MAC’s biggest unsung hero comes in the form of this beyond beautiful brick-red brown. A satin finish that is actually surprisingly matte, and keeps you radiating the 90’s vamp vibe.

Studded Kiss – Almost just one shade darker than Paramount, Studded Kiss is a deep, dark berry red with a matte finish. Perfect for winter evenings because it matches the colour of mulled wine!

I filmed a video to accompany this blog post which will be up over the next few days, so make sure you keep an eye out for that!

What are your favourite MAC lipsticks? Which ones should I add to my collection?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. Velvet teddy seems to be a favourite amongst bloggers. It fits everyone so well. I think I'm going to pick up Creme Cup next because velvet teddy seems a bit too brown for me. My current favourite one is brave, I'd definitely recommend trying it out at the MAC store because I think it'll look lovely on your skintone.

    Style of Colours

  2. omg i have so much envy for your mac collection ahh! I only have a couple of mac lipsticks but I have got my eye on a few...especially Whirl <3 x

  3. I'm not surprised your lips are sore after swatching all of them! You got a great collection.. Velvet Teddy and Spirit are my all time faves one


  4. Oh my god! So many MAC lipsticks! Indeed, your lips might hate you after this ahaha You have a nice collection of MAC lipsticks :) x

  5. I love allll the shades in the first picture! I wear all of them so much 😍 myth is actually so nice on top of stone, to create an ombré kind of lip xxx


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