Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Although I don’t really lose my wits over buying new blushers, whenever I DO remember to pick up a new one, I fall in love and wonder how I possibly survived up until that point without it. My newest addition to my ever-growing make-up hoarder paradise is MAC’s Blushbaby. I’m so excited because not only is it beautiful and new, it’s also my first proper MAC blush.

I say ‘proper’ because the first one I bought was back in the day where I thought I could pull off the same makeup looks as someone with a good fake tan on. My first MAC blush was Melba, a vibrant, warm coral shade which did absolutely nothing for me (except maybe make me look like I was auditioning as a Dame for a pantomime or something). I threw it swiftly into my makeup drawer and forgot it ever existed. Over the past couple of years, I’ve grown much more into my own skin and I take makeup inspiration from girls with similar skintones, so I don’t end up looking hilarious again. I find that more delicate, petal-toned hues suit me much more, which is why I finally settled on MAC’s Blushbaby blush.

I usually don’t have many positive things to say about MAC staff (normally because I rock up after university looking like an addict and they judge me), but the girl who helped me choose this blush was lovely. I told her that I wanted something peachy, dusty and natural looking, and she chose Blushbaby. It delivers on every aspect of what I was after. Obviously MAC’s blushes are such a high standard of quality; blendable, pigmented and comfortable, and this one is no exception. It’s a beautiful neutral shade and works beautifully with my paler complexion in the cooler months. This one is a sheer-tone blush, meaning that is goes on in a much more fine way and gives a translucent finish. It’s really pretty and ever-so natural.

At £18.50, this blush is reasonably affordable compared to other MAC prices, but still a little bit eye-watering. It’s so beautiful, though, and has become my go-to blush. Given that it’s a sheer-tone, you do need to use quite a bit to give more colour definition, so I’m trying to be as sparing as possible so I don’t use it too quickly! Even so, I’m beyond happy with my new everyday blush, and MAC has only gone and delivered the fabulousness AGAIN.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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