Tuesday, November 8, 2016


Ahh, IKEA. A place where meatballs can be mass-bought, you can trip over toddlers and fail eternally to pronounce the names of things. I recently dragged Chris kicking and screaming to the IKEA in Lakeside to pick up a few things for the flat. It’s our first home together, and the décor/stuff inside the flat is just a bit of a mish-mash of both of our things. Being a little nesty mother hen, I wanted some stuff that we’d bought together and that we both liked the look of. And I wanted meatballs.

First things first, the infamous SKURAR candle holders. Every single blogger in the universe knows all about these pretty little cut-out style pots, and they’re usually used for makeup storage. I’ve dumped all my makeup brushes into mine. I bought four in total, so now my brushes have a little bit of room to breathe, and they look so pretty!

Obviously one cannot go to a homeware shop without coming out with a new mug. The tea-drinkers present will agree that a new mug is entirely essential, even if you’re struggling to find space for all your current mugs at home. I’m having a bit of a pastel pink moment, so I chose the DINERA mug, which looks a little bit rustic and farmhousey. I am in love. There has never been such a pretty vessel for my tea.

The next thing I’m super duper, bursting at the seams, doing a little wee with excitement for is my brand new bedding. Again, a firm blogger favourite, the ALVINE KVIST duvet cover and pillowcase set. Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend I have my life together enough to start decorating my home according to the seasons, but this bedding is wintery AF; a pure, crisp white base with a pale grey, wintery floral design over the top. It’s also got button closure on the pillowcases and the duvet which was the source of great frustration this morning while I was putting it on the bed, but it does keep everything where it should be.

The huge, shaggy, warm, cosy ALHEDE rug was probably my favourite thing we got. I’d been meaning to pick up a rug for the lounge for ages; it’s really echoey and empty feeling in there without one. Rugs don’t come cheap though, let me tell you. The two things they should warn you about when you move out is the price of cheese and the price of rugs. I’m really pleased with the one we chose, though. It has been making a pretty decent background to some of my insta pictures lately.

Finally, the PJÄTTERYD canvas is something that Chris picked out. We both love stags. He’s got a big stag tattoo on his arm, and on one of our first dates we walked through a park with hundreds of deer. We’re both in love with the geometric style, and we’d actually seen a hoodie with a very similar design on it in Camden a few months before. This is a much better option, though, as it will hang up in the living room for all to see, rather than worn once, then slung in the laundry basket never to be seen again.

Items purchased:
ALVINE KVIST Bedding // £30
POLARVIDE Throw // £3
KORKEN Clear Glass Jars // 80p each
SKURAR Candle Holders // £2 each
PJÄTTERYD Stag Canvas // £15

Have you been to IKEA lately? What did you pick out?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x



  1. Soon, I will also be dragging my Boyf, Chris, kicking and screaming to my local IKEA for some winter supplies so thanks for the inspiration! :') x

    1. Yaaaay fellow Chris-appreciator! Good luck, and have fun! xx


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