Thursday, November 3, 2016


Absolutely aaaaages ago (I’ve been a crap blogger lately) I was contacted by Abbey, who asked me if I’d like to try the new La Roche Posay Unifiant*. It was new at the time, I promise, and I’d been chosen to review it because I’ve been a devout worshipper of La Roche Posay’s skincare for a good couple of years now. I’ve always raved about how it saved my skin from the hideous woes of acne and scarring, so when I was asked if I wanted to try it, I was over the moon.

This new little invention is essentially a hybrid love-child of the cult-loved Duo and a foundation. It’s sort of like a tinted moisturiser, except it doesn’t really moisturise. It’s basically intended to be a spot cream, with built in coverage. I’ve always found it difficult to keep on top of my skincare when I’m wearing a heavy foundation all day. I know it is clogging up my pores and ruining all my hard work at trying to make my skin a crater-free zone. So, the idea of this is sort of amazing; the answer to my prayers. But is it…?

I'll be honest and say that I've written this review twice now. The first time, I hadn't used it for ages, and I remembered really not liking it. However, after I finished writing, I went and gave it another shot, and it's not actually all that bad. I put it on for uni in the morning, rubbed it in with my fingers, and off I went. It's definitely not a 'make-up' look, it's more of a tool to disguise the true horrors of your face on 'no make-up days'. It's quite a good shade match for my skin, but I don't know if they do any other shades, or if it's supposed to be a one-shade-fits-all type deal. If that's the case, I imagine anyone darker than MAC NC30 would be severely disappointed. Having said that, it definitely DOES blur imperfections, masks dark circles, it reduces redness in my complexion and is obviously working to fight my spots.

On the other hand, the coverage is sheer beyond sheer. It isn’t something you could easily swap your foundation for and have no one notice. If you were wearing it OUT-out, you’d still have to layer on a concealer, and probably a powder foundation to get your complexion looking anywhere near flawless. I’ve got a feeling that that would undo the whole point of using this product. The other thing I'm not really a fan of is how it leaves quite a greasy residue on your fingers after application, and even though it is comfortable to wear, it does feel a little bit moist on your face all day. 

I feel a little bit harsh for giving it this review. Maybe it's because I'm such a slave to the full-coverage way of life. I'm still massively in love with the original Duo by La Roche Posay, but unfortunately this doesn't really do it for me. I'll probably still use it from time to time; on my minimal make-up days and when I'm nipping to Tesco for my tea bags and pickled onions. I don't think it'll be making its way into my daily make-up routine, however, although I adore the concept of the product and it'd probably be ideal for someone else's needs. 

I'd just like to say a HUGE thank you to Abbey for sending me this sample to try out! I'm always up for trying new things, but as always, my reviews are 100% honest.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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