Saturday, November 26, 2016


If there’s one thing I love, it’s a cheeky new face mask. I’ve always had a bit of a collection. Rather a large and unnecessary collection. But, I love the at-home-spa feeling of a hot bubble bath and a good old smear of something on my face. I took myself on a little trip to the LUSH in Stratford a couple of weeks ago, and I bought a new face mask and a toner. I chose Catastrophe Cosmetic, and since it’s all gone now, I thought I’d let you all know how I feel about the cult favourite.

Catastrophe Cosmetic is widely loved and widely raved about by so many bloggers that I read. It is described as ‘calming and moisturising’ on LUSH’s website, which is something my skin really craves during the winter. The staff at LUSH are aaaaalways so lovely, and the girl helped me choose the best mask for my skin needs, and the toner that will compliment it. So, I ended up with the tub of lovely blue goo. LUSH’s masks are all £6.95, which is super duper affordable.

The main ingredients in this mask are blueberry, chamomile and rose. They’re all very soothing. They all smell beautiful. There’s no exfoliant in this mask, which is something I’d usually miss, but because my skin is so dry during the winter months that I didn’t feel like I needed it in there. The mask applies relatively smoothly. I say ‘relatively’; the thing has to be kept in the fridge so it’s a little bit solid at first, and bloody freezing! Of all the wonderful praises I could sing about LUSH’s masks, the one thing that really cheeses me off is the fact that they expire so quickly. I usually keep mine for 3 weeks, by which time they do start smelling a bit funky and it’s time to get rid. However, I never actually get to finish a pot, even though I use the mask every other day.

Catastrophe Cosmetic goes on and feels very moussey on the face. It smells divine, blueberry fills your nostrils and you are submerged into a world of calm and tranquillity. UNTIL, flakes of the drying mask fall into your mug of tea *sad crying face*. (My fault, not LUSH’s). I like to leave this on for about 20-25 minutes and remove it with a damp flannel.

What I really love about this mask is how visibly BRIGHT my skin looked after I removed it. It also reduces redness like an absolute dream. I’m always a bit patchy and blotchy and red on my chin and around my nose, but after removing this mask, my skin was so soothed, and not a blotch in sight. This is a great mask for winter, as it’s so hydrating and calming after having your face bombarded by sub-zero temperatures and windy weather. I’d so recommend this to all my fellow sensitive-skinned ladies. It’s a beautiful mask, and just in case all the other bloggers haven’t swayed you yet, that was my attempt!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. I need to pick this up right away! I have been looking for a good face mask that will actually work and isn't full of chemicals! I will have to give this a try :) lovely post x


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