Tuesday, December 6, 2016


November was a lovely little month. Despite the shit-storm that has been 2016 robbing me of most of my money, faith in the human race and fucks to give, November was surprisingly inoffensive. University really amped itself up, so I actually spent a hell of a lot of time in my pjs on the sofa with my head buried inside my laptop. Aside from that, I did manage to do a few really fun things!

Dying My Hair Grey
If you follow my Youtube channel, you’ll have seen that I dyed my hair grey a few weeks ago! This all came after a bit of a faux pas at a new hairdressers in London. I tried to find somewhere to do my roots for me. They did, but they also turned them a flattering yellow shade. I was less than impressed, and after trying in vain to tone out the yellow for a few days, I marched (with a hat on) to Superdrug and bought two boxes of Silver Grey hair dye. I have been soooo happy with the results and now it’s faded a bit (so it’s not so dark) and the colour is absolutely perfect.

Basically Living In Shoreditch
I have been to Shoreditch and Brick Lane SO many bloody times this month, I feel like I should sleep in a cardboard box by the Overground station. My University places a massive focus on the East London area for gathering article ideas, and everyone knows that Brick Lane and Box Park are the bestest places ever. I must have been about 20 times in the last 30 days. No exaggeration. I love it, though. It’s got everything I could possibly need. You may have seen a Dark Sugars review on my blog, and there’s a cocktail bar review coming up soon too!

Lots And Lots Of New Makeup
In the hunt for Christmas presents, I ended up buying myself a lot of new stuff too. I know I can’t be the only one, but whenever I’m out I see something and think…”ya know who’d like that? ME.” I’ve been good-ish, but I definitely deserve it with how hard I’ve been working at uni.

Date Night With Chris
All ya’ll need Groupon in your life. Groupon and WOWcher are two of the best websites ever for a penniless student. Or, someone who wants to live the life of a rich person when actually, they’re broke AF. AKA me. I’m always having a nose and finding amazing deals for 3 course meals, cinema tickets, cocktail bars, spa treatments and shopping vouchers. So far, we’ve been to Far Rockaway for cocktails, and it was a lovely evening. Yes, we may have been almost drowned by the rain, and we got lost finding the place, but having adventures with your best friend is the best way to spend an evening.

How was your November? Happy December!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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