Wednesday, December 14, 2016


I could literally spend all day every day wrapping up presents. I mean, if my years at uni end up going down the toilet, I will be off to Lapland to join the elves and wrap presents forever. I’m always keen to make my pressies look incredibly insta-worthy, and I usually look for the best gift wrap for a good few weeks before settling on one. I like to choose two different papers, then a string/ribbony thing that matches both, and some vintage looking tags. This is what I’ve chosen this year!

The pink, shiny heart-print paper is from Primark, and set me back a whopping £1.50 for 5metres. I always adore Primark gift wrap because it’s always cheap, but always bang on what’s looking lovely on blogs currently. I’ve previously bought their Disney Princess gift wrap (because I refuse to grow up) and their stag print gift wrap for Christmas last year.

The brown paper is always a winner with me. I love the vintagey feel of it, and tying it up with string makes me feel like I’m straight outta Mary Poppins or something. I got mine from eBay, and if you just type in craft paper gift wrap on eBay, you’ll find loads of this, at around £5 a roll. The string is also from eBay, as are the tags (which aren’t pictured because of the joys of Royal Mail around Christmas time, they’re still in the ether somewhere), which were both between £2 to £3.

I hope all of you guys are having an amazing, fun, exciting, happy time with your families in the lead up to Christmas, and that you’re all relaxing and spending loads of time with your loved ones. My little sister has flown over from Australia for 3 weeks and I haven’t seen her for two years! This is why I’ve not been too active on my social media currently, as I’m trying to cram in as much quality time with her as possible (and get in her personal space and suck out her life force for the entire duration of her holiday). I hope all of you have the most wonderful time! I can’t wait to read all of your Christmas posts and watch your Crimbo videos!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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