Monday, January 16, 2017


I felt like the bloody luckiest girl on the planet on Christmas Day. Champagne in hand, a stomach full of Lindor chocolate that I’d devoured for breakfast, and safe in the knowledge I’d be playing charades until 3am, I was in utter bliss. Imagine my shock, joy and hysteria to open all my amazing Christmas prezzies from my generous family.

All the gifts I received were amazing (some were hilarious; Dad got me a Donald Trump supporter’s T-Shirt), but one of my favourites was opening all these Real Techniques Bold Metals brushes! I’ve been hardcore in love with Real Techniques since I first started getting into makeup. I’ve always absolutely sworn by them, and they’re my fail-proof tools for getting makeup from point A: the bottle, to point B: my face. I didn’t even twig on that the identically shaped presents were indeed makeup brushes. Could have been the champagne, but who knows?

I received the 100 Arched Powder brush, a super soft and thick brush. I also got the 101 Triangle Foundation which looks a bit weird if you ask me. I’m not sure on how it’s gonna work, but I’ll have to have a little experiment and see. Then there’s the 300 Tapered Blush which is rose-gold and sooo pretty. Then there’s the 301 Flat Contour which I can never ever get enough of. Flat contour brushes are the only way I can get a good contour going on, so I’m in love. This one is rosey-gold too, so it’s super pretty. Next up are the eye brushes; the 200 Oval Shadow, 202 Angled Liner, and the 203 Tapered Shadow, all of which are soft and densely bristled. I love the silver finish on these ones too.

They’re all so pretty I’m dreading using them all for the first time. It always takes me a good few weeks of just staring at new brushes before I can muster up the courage to get them dirty. It took me 3 months to use my ZOEVA Rose Gold Brush Set! I’m not exactly sure how much all these brushes cost, I feel a bit ill even thinking about the price, to be honest, but they were a gift and I don’t feel the need to go snooping. I know you can get them from Boots! Just look for the bright, gleaming, shiny brushes that look like they’ve fallen out of heaven and hand that debit card over. Thank me later.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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