Wednesday, February 1, 2017


Truth be told, January was an up-and-down month for me. I mean that literally and metaphorically; I spent a great portion of it on trains, trying to haul my wheelie-cases filled with Galaxy Selection Boxes back home. It was also just a little bit miserable in places; the January comedown is upon me! I really felt a bit crap going back to university, having to put down the bottles of wine, and having to put my little sister back on her plane to Australia at the beginning of this month.

Putting emo-Jasmine (circa 2007) to bed for now, some luurvely things happened too! My newest tattoo finally healed, and I featured my leg tattoos for the first time ever on my blog, and felt jolly proud of it. My boyfriend and I reunited after spending the Christmas hols apart, and despite his lack of facial hair, we had a beautiful week to catch up and go on wintery London dates. I’ve also been making a huge effort with my skin – doing quite a lot of no-makeup days and reinventing my routine to suit the winter. I’m also back to university, and I’m dead set on kicking its arse this term (after managing to turn up to 34% of lectures last term (oops)).

Chris and I are also moving! We’re going to South East London to a beautiful little 2-bedroom flat. It’s a little smaller than what we’re working with now, but it’s a welcome change. We’ve had issues with our landlord, and we’ve got somewhere that is much more affordable and better for our travelling to uni, work and Chris’s all-important football games at the weekend! I’ll be doing a flat-tour video when we get there!

All in all, my start to 2017 has been a mixed one, but I’m determined to up my game and focus on the things that make me feel happy. What are your plans for February?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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