Thursday, February 23, 2017


If there’s one thing I love more than a face mask, it’s a face mask that is cheap as chips and allows me to sneak up on my boyfriend and scare him. I have discovered brands called Innisfree and Etude, and they produce a massive range of beauty and skincare products. I’ve been particularly loving the range of sheet masks that they both do; in all types of fragrances, with a massive list of benefits for each skin type.

As an oily-but-sensitive-skinned gal, I’m partial to trialling a variety of different methods of controlling spots, oil, but ensuring my skin is hydrated and soothed. I’ve got such a solid, amazing skincare routine going on at the moment, but I STILL love to have a few little back-ups for special occasions or when I feel like I want a bit of TLC.

My favourite sheet masks by Innisfree is definitely the rose. Etude’s blueberry and pomegranate masks are also absolutely amazing, and I have a few in the bathroom cupboard for when I fancy a hydration boost.

Their pomegranate mask delivers a radiance boost and tightens pores, so this is great before getting ready for a big night out.
The rose mask is smoothing and super hydrating, and smells absolutely divine. I usually use the rose mask after a pamper session, before applying my usual skincare.
The blueberry mask contains powerful antioxidants, hydration and is irritant-free; perfect for my sensitive skin.

Innisfree’s masks are super cheap; they retail for about £3 per mask. Etude’s masks are even more affordable at $1.99USD and shipping is next to nothing! I’d definitely recommend trying out a few different styles of sheet masks and deciding which ones work the best for your skin. I’ve tried others, but these ones are by FAR my favourites, and I feel like they really complement the rest of my skincare. They’ve got soooo many varieties, it’d be a shame not to trial out a few!

Let me know if you do! And what are some of your favourite sheet masks?

Lots of love,


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