Friday, February 10, 2017


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I usually wait a good few days, or even weeks, of owning a product before I write a review. Today, though, I’m SO UPSET, ANGRY AND DISAPPOINTED. I’m sat here in my dressing gown just a couple of hours after using this dye, and I feel like I need to write this review. I never like to write negative reviews. In fact, I usually just avoid mentioning products that I don’t like, but this time I’m soooo pissed off.

I purchased two boxes of the Superdrug Colour Vibrance Permanent Dye in Silver 1.1 last week. I’ve been so looking forward to using them and sorting my hair out. I’ve had grey hair for a while now, and it’s finally been a colour that I’m really happy with. I use a purple shampoo to keep it toned, and if you use purple shampoos you’ll know that sometimes you can get some purple build-up on your hair. I’ve had a few purple streaks for a couple of weeks as you can see in the ‘before’ picture, so I wanted to get them gone. I saw the Superdrug dye and picked it up without hesitation. They were on offer for 2 for £6, so I was pretty happy with the price.

So, today, I’ve slapped this dye on and I’ve gone GINGER. As you can see, the dye started turning my hair quite light during the dyeing process. I noticed this quite late in the game, and quite honestly freaked out about it. I would NEVER bleach my hair at home because I’m simply too idiotic to pull it off myself. I ALWAYS get my hair bleached professionally, so that if it goes wrong, I’ve got something to fall back on and I am paying for a professional service. So when I noticed this, I quickly searched the box for any ingredients that might be doing this, and LO AND BEHOLD, there’s bloody hydrogen peroxide in it.

Now, call me old fashioned, but I’d expect there to be quite a large warning on a box of bleach. It certainly shouldn’t be in a silver dye, should it? I’ve used a number of grey dyes and silver toners in the past, and have never experienced them to actually bleach my roots. I expected the silver dye to simply take to my pre-lightened hair and cover any of the purple streaks. This wasn’t the case. Ultimate sad face! To add insult to injury, I applied the dye all over my hair (as someone usually would) and therefore, the bleach has ruined the quality of my lengths too. My lengths haven't had bleach on them for y e a r s, and now I've gone and damaged them by accident.

So, I basically slathered my scalp in my Fudge Clean Blonde Purple shampoo and left that on for an hour, and then rinsed it off. Then I applied my Macadamia Moisturising Masque for about an hour to restore my hair after having unintentionally and unnecessarily bleaching it. Now I’m left with pale ginger roots, and bright purple lengths that fade to grey at the ends. The dye did absolutely NOTHING helpful, but has ensured that I have to go to work looking like a twat tomorrow.

The one redeeming fact is that Superdrug's Twitter customer service team are fab. They've assured me that I'm able to get a full refund for the dye, and they're even topping up my points card with enough for me to buy a dye that will fix this mess.

I’m going to be buying my trusty Colour Freedom Silver Grey dye tomorrow after work, and I’ll be sorting this mess out (hopefully!). I don’t know why I didn’t just buy it in the first place, but I was trying to save a bit of cash (student life!). Failing that, I’ll call my dad and cry lots and guilt trip him into sending me to a hairdressers.

Here’s my middle finger, Colour Vibrance.

Lots of HATE,
Jasmine x


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