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The most asked questions I get are always about my hair. I thought it’d be way easier to write a big ol’ detailed blog post all about getting grey hair, and its maintenance, to save me answering every person individually. So here we go! Here’s everything to do with getting grey hair, and how I maintain it!

The basics are to start with a white blonde, or at least very light blonde base. I’ve had my hair bleached since I was 13 (so you can imagine how lovely it feels now) and so it was quite easy and low-cost to transition from my pale blonde hair to my silver-grey hair. Then comes the toning stage! I use a very pigmented purple shampoo, such as BLEACH London’s Silver Shampoo or the Pro:Voke Brightening Shampoo. To get grey hair, it’s really important to tone away any yellowness or brassy orange out of your hair. You have to start with an ashy, cool blonde base!

The dye I use is always my one and only favourite, the Colour Freedom Metallic Glory dye in Silver Grey. It’s the second lightest (after Silver Blonde) and I choose it because it lasts slightly longer, and fades out slower. It’s quite a deep grey when it first applies, but after time, it fades to a pretty pearly silver. I need two boxes of this bad boy, as my hair is long-ish. I always apply it onto dry hair for more colour pay-off, and leave it to work for about 45 minutes before rinsing it off.

After dyeing I always mix the Colour Freedom conditioner sachet with some of my Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, as it’s super nourishing and revives my hair a little bit better than using just the sachet conditioner alone. It also smells ah-mazing, and makes my hair look smoother. Then, when I’m out of the shower, I put a generous squeeze of the OGX Argan Oil through the lengths and ends of my hair, to give it added shine and strength.

TLC I tend to use on a weekly basis (as my hair often starts feeling a little bit brittle and dry) is definitely always the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque. I also love to brighten the grey dye with my BLEACH London Silver Shampoo every week. I’ve also really cut down on my blow-drying and straightening. I almost always leave my hair to air dry and try to keep brushing really gentle too.

Every day maintenance is actually surprisingly easy. The Colour Freedom Silver Grey dye is permanent, and although it fades, it fades in a pretty way and ends up looking quite nice. I’ve been really impressed with the Dove haircare range lately. It’s sooo cheap but smells lovely and seems to work really well for my hair, leaving it shiny and tangle-free. The Colour Care shampoo by Dove is very gentle on my hair colour, and definitely seems to keep the colour as in-tact as possible. Then I love the Nourishing Oil Care Conditioner as, even for an everyday conditioner, is amazingly softening and creates a really pretty shine. I do try to minimise how often I’m washing it to minimise it fading so quickly, so I refresh my hair using Batiste’s Dry Shampoo and aim to wash it properly every 3 days. A quick spray of my dry shampoo keeps it looking clean, and stops me having to wash the colour out so fast.

The next dye session is usually due about 6-8 weeks later. I generally find I need to do this sooner if I forget to use the purple shampoo to tone out any blonde that starts coming through. As long as I remember to tone out the brassy bits with my purple shampoo, I can leave it about two months between dyeing it.

It’s really quite easy! I’d definitely recommend you do your research into grey dyes, as I’ve heard some horror stories about greys fading to greens or blues. But in terms of actually GETTING to the grey stage, as long as you’re white blonde to begin with, it’s a piece of pie. I’m always open to answering questions on my insta or twitter, so if you think of any, make sure you let me know.

Lots of love,

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