Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Days off are few and far between for a full-time university student with a part-time job, so when I get one, I make the absolute bloody most of it. I usually use my days off as a chance to catch up on things that I’ve let slide throughout the week. Then again, I’m just one woman, and sometimes I just stay on the sofa in my PJs watching Judge Rinder. *Insert ‘Don’t Judge Me’ by Chris Brown here*.

I don’t set an alarm on my day off because I’m a lazy bugger and I want to get as close to the 12hr mark as possible. I normally wake up at about 10am, and then I’ll go and make a cup of tea for me and Chris. We’ll probably lounge in bed until 11 and inevitably neck the lukewarm tea after forgetting about it.

I very very rarely have breakfast ever. However, on days off, I have a bit more time and if I’m feeling hungry I will either boil a couple of eggs, slice up a banana or make a quick smoothie using my beloooved Breville BlendActive. My favourite smoothie is definitely banana, almond milk, chia seed and blueberry, because I know that’ll definitely get me going.

Then I get up and am invariably horrified by the state of the living room. I have zero tolerance for mess, so then I’ll run around tidying up, taking empty cups into the kitchen and swearing at Chris for being such a mucky pup. I usually chuck a load of laundry in, make another cup of tea and then put my guilty pleasure, Jeremy Kyle, on. I’ll also take my weight management supplements, which I’ve done a blog post on recently if you’re interested!

After a bit of general laziness and lounging, I’ll hop in the shower and give my face a really good bit of TLC. My favourite skincare of the moment is definitely the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser followed by the La Roche Posay Serozinc. I usually won’t wash my hair because who gives a shit??? Not me. Then after my shower, I get dressed into some jeans and a sweater because I don’t switch my brain into gear unless I’ve got some actual clothes on.

I’ll whip out the MacBook and check my blog, YouTube views, Twitter and Instagram. Then I’ll write a couple of blog posts to schedule, and maybe take some pictures if the weather permits! If I’ve got any videos filmed, I’ll also have a look at editing them, too. I’ll edit pictures. I’ll also have a read of some of my favourite blogs and leave comments on blog posts and YouTube videos that I love.

For lunch, I’m obsessed with soup lately! I’ve found that most supermarkets have a low-calorie range of soups. My favourite is the lentil and vegetable soup from the Tesco low calorie range, and a serving is only 74 calories so I’m dying from amazement and deliciousness. I’ll probably make another cup of tea, to be honest, and sit and swig that whilst watching Judge Rinder or some such other trashy daytime TV that I’m not even gonna lie about hating because daytime TV is my actual life.

Sometimes Chris and I will go for a walk around the heath, or go into town to grab a takeaway coffee. We’ve both usually got uni work to catch up on too, so when we get home we’ll usually plug our individual headphones in and crack on with that.

At about 6, I’ll start doing dinner. Dinners on days off are usually really really good because I’ve got time and energy to actually make some hella good food. You probably saw my Burrito bowls from a few weeks ago, which were beyond amazing (and healthy!). I’m obsessing over stir-fries, pastas and anything involving sweet potato at the moment. We’ll stick a film on, have a glass of wine, and just chill out in our pjs for the rest of the night. I might even treat myself to a bit of Sims 4! Bedtime is usually quite late because Chris usually persuades me to play XBOX with him for a bit, but at some point I get overtired and stress so I take myself off before I kill anyone.

And that’s basically it! What do you guys do on your days off? Do you stay in your pjs all day or are you really motivated to get things done? Let me know!

Lots of love,

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