Friday, March 3, 2017


Raise your hand now if you’re having a mass-panic in the lead up to Spring & Summer 2017 regarding bikini-bodies, holiday pics for instagram and squeezing back into those shorts that BARELY fit you last year. Not just me? Thank the sweet baby Jesus.

Depending on how long you’ve been reading my blog for, you’ll know that every few months I go on a bit of a health kick. This usually involves me crying whilst scooping all the fatty food in my fridge into a bin liner, trying to do six thousand squats in one afternoon, and furiously researching teatoxes.

Then a few days later, I can be found up to my neck in empty monster munch packets and devouring a pasta bake intended to serve a family of four.

I’m actually an imbecile when it comes to health, but I’ve been slowly (but surely) becoming more and more of a ‘flexitarian’ which means I’m seriously reducing my meat intake. Quorn is all G in my book. My dinner has had special-guest Broccoli appearing most days.

My diet is being supplemented by a few choice thingy-majigs. I don’t like the words ‘diet pills’ really, and I don’t consider them to be. But I’ve started using these tablets to help encourage me.

Glucomannan Complex | Holland & Barrett | £19.99
These tablets are bloody fantastic! They are taken 6 times a day (take two 30 mins before eating and neck a load of water) and they expand in the stomach to make less room for food. So, you end up feeling fuller from a much smaller portion. It’s high in fibre so helllooooo toilet on a more regular basis, which is good for weight management. Since I started using these, I’ve not been starving hungry ever, and my portion size is really dropping.

Fat Metaboliser | Holland & Barrett | £6.69
To be honest, I’m in two minds about whether this is actually helping at all. On the one hand, I feel like it’s a load of bollocks. On the other hand, its ingredients are known to aid in weightloss and increase your energy. It’s not a tablet that has any immediate effect, so I don’t know if my fat is being ‘metabolised’. I guess it’s more of a long-term thing, so I’m looking forward to hopping on the scales after I’ve taken the whole container in about a month. These ones are taken twice daily; mid-morning and mid-afternoon. They contain green tea extract and cayenne pepper which known are energy and metabolism boosters. We shall see!

Iron | Boots | £3.09
Calling all my fellow young ladies! Iron is soooo important! For young women with a ridiculous reproductive system that causes us to lose half our bodyweight in blood on a monthly basis, we really should be topping up our iron intake. I’ve always had quite low blood iron and suffer from anaemia, which has run in my family for a while. I used to have to drink these sachets which literally tasted like I was swigging out of a tube of blood, but I luckily discovered tablets. Iron is energy boosting and stops me from feeling soooo fatigued all the time, and it also helps to metabolise proteins consumed.

NutrientWise Chewable Multivitamins | NutrientWise | £19.95*
I was lucky enough to get sent these chewable peppermint flavoured multivitamins a couple of months ago, and I’m getting through the bottle slower than I expected. It contains tonnes of different vitamins to boost energy, give you healthier skin, support the immune system and the digestive system. Again, this isn’t a tablet that’ll immediately take effect; so I’m waiting a while to see if there are any really noticeable changes. I’m a bit weird and despise the taste of mint, so I swallow mine whole, rather than chew. There’s something really minging about chewing a tablet. I’ll keep you updated to see if they really are worth the money!

I started my weight management journey in mid-february after my very SELFISH tall and skinny friend said she wants us to go to Ibiza this year. I started out weighing 9st 3lbs. I’m currently dead on 9st, so even though it’s slow and nothing too dramatic, it’s a step in the right direction. My goal weight is about 8st 5lbs, which is about right for my 5’2” frame. I just want some bloody pictures of myself in a bikini without me looking like a lil stumpy mushroom.

P.S I'm too lazy to exercise but I promise I'll start after we move into our new flat this week.

If anyone has any tips or recommendations, then please let me know! I also love hearing people’s success stories as they’re so flipping motivating and I have the motivation of a broom handle so plz help a sista out.

Lots of love,


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