Thursday, April 27, 2017


As a result of my ‘refreshed’ state last night, I’m feeling a little bit fragile today. But I really wanted to share my lovely evening out, so I’m braving the bright screen of my MacBook to edit these pictures and write a little review! Chris and I felt like we deserved a little treat, so we celebrated the end of our uni year with a dinner date. Our loans just came through, so we got a bit overexcited and spent more than we should (but it’s so rare that we can afford to go out for a meal so don’t be annoyed) and it was one of the loveliest evenings we’ve had.

We chose to go to Locale in Blackheath; it’s not very far from our flat and it’s a little bit swanky. It’s got a really gorgeous atmosphere with chandeliers all over the place and candles dotted about. We have visited Locale before for a family meal and were super impressed, so it was really nice to go back just the two of us.

We arrived and sat at the bar for a couple of cocktails each. I had the 5 Star Martini and Chris had a Cuban Embargo. I think I won, though, because my cocktail came with a SIDE OF PROSECCO. We had another round of cocktails and then sat at our table. We ended up choosing from the set menu, and then ordered a bottle of wine (ffs no wonder I’m on the brink of death today).

I had Vegetable Tempura to start, and Chris had Salt and Pepper Squid. I tried a bit, but squid ain’t my bag. My veggies were lovely, and I drowned them in soy sauce like any self-respecting tempura devourer should.

Then we both had the Steak Tagliata which came with a really good portion of chips. The sauce it was in was luuurvely, and I struggled to finish it all. We’ve been eating a mostly vegetarian diet for ages now, so being able to sink our teeth into a steak was such a treat.

After finishing up at Locale, we headed to a pub for even more wine (send help) and I honestly don’t remember what happened after that, but I’m sure it was fun. Now I’m going to go and take off last night’s makeup and cry into a cup of tea.

Lots of love,

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