Saturday, April 22, 2017


I used to put my hair through trauma on a daily basis; brushing, straightening, curling, backcombing, over-shampooing, blow-drying, ponytails, crimping, sleeping on it wet etc etc etc. And all of this while bleaching it to heck every couple of months. I’m guilty of my sins, I’ve been to hair-church and confessed, and had a hair-epiphany. So I’m trying to be good.
I barely ever blow-dry my hair now, I never straighten it. I still throw it up in a ponytail every now and again (a girl’s gotta nip to Tesco in her PJs sometimes), but on the whole, I’ve been a lot better.

Part of this is introducing a nourishing hair oil to my routine. I’ve never used a hair oil before. My (non-existent) logic told me that because my hair was already oily, why should I put oil onto it? But when a friend recommended I try this, I thought it’d be worth a shot to minimise breakage and increase shine.

It works a bloody treat. I’m not much of a hair-care blogger so I’m not 100% sure what else I could really say. I’m a serial hair-offender, but this oil makes my hair feel pretty lovely, and look really shiny. I don’t find my hair to be any greasier, which is a relief. I grabbed this in Superdrug while it was 1/3 off, but it’s usually £6.99, so it’ll hardly break the bank.

Now I’m off to gently brush my hair and wash it, and then drench it in this elixir of oily goodness!

Lots of love,

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