Saturday, April 29, 2017


And now for something a little different! For those of you who read my blog, you’ll probably have noticed that I’m on a bit of a weight-loss mission lately. I’m proud of myself for having lost around 5lbs so far. I’m on the never-ending quest for the summer body of 2k17, who else is with me?!

With this in mind, I’m constantly looking for new ways of spicing up the long, arduous, tedious, hellish journey to a slimmer bod. I’ve been cooking new recipes a whole lot, including experimenting with vegan dishes and food I’d never thought of eating before (seafood, I’m looking at you).

So while I was browsing Superdrug for a new tube of toothpaste – ooh, exciting – I stumbled upon the Superdrug weight loss products. Say whaaaaat? There are bars and shakes in the Slenderplan range, but these shakes caught my eye first. They come in Coffee, Caramel and Strawberry, but obv I chose Chocolate. Each shake is 203 calories and are intended to replace a meal. I make mine in my Protein World shaker with 250ml of skimmed milk.

Do I feel full after drinking this? Honestly? Nope.

So I’ve decided to use these after taking my Glucomannan Complex tablets which expand in your stomach to fill you up a bit more. Then I’m pretty much OK. But given I do feel hungry within about 2 hours after drinking these shakes, so I only ever replace breakfast with it. Never lunch or dinner because I’d be climbing the bloody walls!

These are cheap as chips, which I love. They’re £3.50 usually, but they’re often on offer for 2-3ish quid. They also contain 30% of your recommended vitamins and minerals for the day, which gives you a nice little boost. They taste lovely as well, which is the biggest thing for me. I COULD NOT drink something that tasted gross, and I genuinely look forward to the taste of this, which is great.

So if this is 203 calories, I’m left with approx. 1000 calories for the rest of the day. I’m having a bit of a love affair with salmon at the moment, and of course I’m still stuck on soups. So, of course, I’m still eating as much as I can and going for runs (whenever I can haul my lazy arse off the sofa).

Disclaimer: I’m not promoting the use of these, or encouraging others to use these to lose weight. I’m just reviewing them for people’s interest or research into the product, as there were not very many reviews online that I could find. Always check with your GP before starting a diet and remember that eating and exercise are the best things to change!

Lots of love,

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