Saturday, May 20, 2017


Is anyone else unhealthily obsessed with Dr. Pimple Popper? If you’ve not seen it yet, head over to YouTube and thank me later (or not, depending on your level of squeamishness). I sat up for a good few hours watching her digging out all sorts of crap from people’s pores, and it got me itching to give my nose pores a good clean-out. It’s really gross, and maybe it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but I am SO SATISFIED by pore strips. I’ve tried a fair few in the past; Biore was always my go-to brand, but I recently discovered Superdrug’s super affordable offering. Here’s why I love them…

At just £1.29 for a pack of three pore strips, these incredibly cheap, no-frills little babies are perfect for a quick de-gunge. They come in a fuss-free minty packet with very little plastic bits (less pieces of cardboard and rubbish to fall down the side of the sink forever, amiright?). They contain volcanic ash and charcoal, and basically just want to suck out all the hideousness from beneath your skin’s surface. What’s not to love?

They’re really simple to use – I even managed to give them a good go at 6am whilst hungover last week. I give my face a nice wash using really warm water. I’m currently in love with Liz Earle’s Hot Cloth Polish and Cleanse, because it doesn’t foam up and dry my skin out. Using warmer water will open up the pesky pores, and you’ll be able to drag much more dirt out. You wet your clean face and stick the sticky side of the pore strip down and wait about 15 minutes. This is a good time to watch a YouTube video, go for a wee, or drink the lukewarm tea you’ve forgotten about in one large, unpleasant swig. Then, you just peel off the strip slowly and gently, and you should be able to see the rewards on the underside.

Examining the extracted stuff is gross, unattractive and waaaaay TMI, but we all still do it. These pore strips have really surprised me in their quality, especially when you consider their minuscule price tag. I’d say they’re just as good as Biore’s pore strips. So, you really don’t need to spend a fortune for clear pores. This is the third or fourth product from Superdrug’s own skincare brand that I’ve absolutely flipping adored (their masks are great, micellar water is fab, and I’ve got quite the soft spot for their lipbalms) so I’m alays hella impressed with them. Give these a go!

What are your favourite pore-cleansing treatments? Do your pores get super clogged?

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  1. oo these pore strips sound great! I defo gonna pick up a pack when i'm next in Superdrug.. It's so satisfying seeing all the stuff left on pore strips after using them!



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