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I wanted to save this blog post until I’d had a chance to scoff my way through all of these tasty treats, so that I could give the best review I could. See? I’m such a giving blogger; I eat the contents of Sainsbury’s freezer ailse because I’m just SO committed to my blog (not because I’m addicted to food, no).

I’m not a vegan, but I do practise a ‘flexitarian’ diet; I eat vegan and vegetarian meals mostly, but I still enjoy a steak or a Five Guys here and there. So, I’ve been branching out into the world of vegan and vegetarian foods. I’ve discovered a few new brands recently that I’ve fallen in love with, so I wanted to share with you all the new foods I’ve been trying and loving.

Quorn Vegan Nuggets | £2.50 | Sainsbury’s
The world became obsessed with chicken nuggets earlier this year, even to the point that they became a meme. I’ve always been a massive fan of those little golden nuggets of heaven, so when I saw Quorn’s new vegan versions, I grabbed a bag and ran. These are great for after a night out, instead of a greasy kebab, and you still feel like you’re getting that fast-food fix. They’re also really low in calories and taste so similar to the real thing, just without the guilt that some of us meat-eaters get.

Spiced Tomato & Lentil Soup | 50p | Sainsbury’s
Soooup glorious soooup! I’ve got a soup problem, I might have to check into some sort of soup-based rehab. I found these vegan soups in the Be Good To Yourself range at Sainsbury’s. There are a few flavours that are vegan, but some do contain chicken or other animal products, so do check first. Again, these contain minimal calories and fill you up. I’ve included this in my ‘Comfort Food Haul’ because this flavour in particular is so warming, homely and delicious.

Sweet Potato Fries | £2.40 | Sainsbury’s
YAAAAAY FOR FRIES! I’ve chosen these Sweet Potato Fries because there are SOME oven chips or home fries that do contain animal products. These fries, however, are clearly marked with that big ol’ green vegan symbol. Sweet potato fries are high in fiber, vitamin A and potassium, and are generally much better for you than normal chips. They’re also really yummy, and make you feel like you’re getting those much-craved fast-food carbs.

Vegetarian Chicken and Leek Pies | £2 | Linda McCartney
Annoyingly, I read this box wrong, and these pies are just vegetarian, not vegan. Still, they’re delicious and I’ll still include them in this haul. Linda McCartney is the reigning queen of veggie and vegan food; I’ve not tried anything of her range that I haven’t enjoyed. Even you meat-lovers won’t be able to resist her vegan sausages or her burgers. These pies embody comfort-food; they’re creamy, steamy and downright dreamy. I had mine with mash and vegan gravy, and it felt like I was in a pub on a chilly afternoon.

What’s really incredible about this haul is that it was so afforable. It literally cost me less than a tenner to grab all of these bits, some vegan gravy and some vegetables. There’s some vegan mayo at home in the fridge (because I cannot survive without mayo) for dipping the fries and nuggets in. For my meat-loving friends, there really ARE little changes that you can make to your diet that you simply won’t realise. It’s definitely worth looking into if you want to help make a difference. I promise I’m not preaching here, I just love the fluffy bunnies (but I also love KFC, help me I’m such a contradiction).

Have you ever tried a vegan meal? Would you try any of these comfort foods?

Lots of love,

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