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Well it’s been a blimmin while since I’ve popped one of these up on my blog! As part of a series, I’m writing about what I’m eating on a day-to-day basis on my journey to a leaner, thinner summer bod. This is the third part to the series, and you can read the first post HERE and the second one HERE! I’m secretly obsessed with calorie counting now; not to restrict myself, but I love knowing what is in the food I’m eating. Of all my obsessions, this is probably my healthiest, and I’m proud to say that my weightloss has been steady and *most of all* healthy!

Superdrug Slenderplan Instant Meal Replacement Shakes – Chocolate

These a really quite good, in the grand scheme of things. They’re certainly not good enough to replace a lunch or a dinner, but since I don’t usually eat breakfast on busy days, it’s really useful as a breakfast replacement. At 203 calories per shake, they’re filling, but don’t contain many calories at all. Usually, I’ve found that these sorts of shakes taste like straight-up ass, but these are actually really good, and I find myself craving the taste of them. They’re also dirt cheap at just £3 for ten sachets.

Weight Watchers Country Vegetable Soup + M&S White Tea With Peach Juice

You’re probably getting bored of my soup fetish now, but I’ve been enjoying the Weight Watchers soups. They’re much smaller than your usual soup tin, but they’re still quite good for the money you pay and the calories you eat. Then I had a naughty M&S White Tea, just because TREAT YO’SELF, which topped this lunch’s calories up to what I was aiming for. The soup is just 97 calories per tin, and the M&S Tea is 146 calories. Bleeding heck?! So, all in all, not tooooo bad.

Homemade Wagamama Yaki Soba
So in my last What I Ate Today post, Chris and I went to Wagamama’s for a special treat. I’ve been so obsessed with it that I’ve been trying out their recipes at home for myself. I recreated their Yaki Soba, which is a noodle based dish with chicken, prawns, soy sauce, peppers, bean sprouts and onion. It tasted reeeeally good, and because I made it myself, I knew exactly what ingredients were going in, how much oil I was using, and so on. I calcuted this to be around 600 calories, so it was still quite a weighty meal. I had a huge plateful because it was so lush, and I’d been saving up my calories so I could enjoy this dinner.

So, all together, my food today was only 1046 calories, making it one of my lowest calorie days for aaaages. However, I did enjoy a couple of glasses of Lambrini (sorry, not sorry, it’s very low in calories and I’m not gonna lie and say it doesn’t taste good because it tastes BOMB). I’ve also been trying to up my water intake, so I’m lugging a 2ltr bottle of water around with me and peeing more than any other human has ever peed. I’m aiming for clearer skin and better digestion.

So far, I’ve lost around 6lbs. It definitely goes up and down, and last week I went to Wetherspoons for an Empire State burger (they’re obscene, but so good). I generally only write these blog posts about my ‘good’ days, but I definitely have bad ones too. I can frequently be seen with my head inside a packet of oreos and I feel NO GUILT WHATSOEVER. I’m trying to focus more on my exercise, even though I loathe and detest it, but because I’m a foodie, cutting out the crap is much easier said than done. Now where’s my Ben & Jerry’s?

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  1. Your dinner looks super yummy! I love anything with prawns in it!



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