Tuesday, July 11, 2017


This is just a super duper snappy post to show off my new H&M wrap dress that I found while I was digging around in the sale last week! 

I don’t know about you, but I very rarely even bother with the sale rails. There’s never anything in my size, you’ve got to wade through the knee-deep mess AND you practically risk losing your life in a fight if you’ve got to argue with someone about snagging the same thing. 

So this little baby was hanging right by the entrance and was the only one I could see. It was reduced to a mere tenner, and after trying it on in the changing rooms, decided it was definitely a find. 

H&M have a section that really reminds me of All Saints clothing; the style is similar with earth toned colours and comfy jersey fabric. I think this had come from that section because it does feel very grungy and understated, which is something I love. But I also think it’s girly and quite pretty, despite the charcoal colour, because the silhouette is so feminine. 

For this outfit post, I paired the dress with Primark’s fishnet socks and my black Old Skool Vans. It looks really effortless, and I was super comfy all day. If you like this dress, it might be worth digging around in your local H&M to see if there’s still any left!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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