Friday, July 28, 2017


Ready for the most overdue post on my blog this year? My birthday was on May the 31st, and I was waaaaaaay too excited, busy and drunk to take pictures of all my gifts and write a blog post sooner. Sorry! So instead I’ve dug out a few pictures taken over my birthday week that show you roughly what I received and what I was getting up to.

First things first, and the bestest and most exciting thing ever, was my new MacBook Pro. Technically, this wasn’t supposed to be a birthday present, as it just so happened that I spilt an entire mug of tea over my old one the day after my birthday. Cue the tears and the dramatic overreaction on my part, and my dear mum taking me off to Bromley to see if we could get it repaired. We couldn’t, it was soaked, and so mum surprised me by splashing out on a new one for me. I did lose all my uni work from last year, all my photos and youtube video files, all my passwords and my sims 4, BUT, I ended up with a shiny new MacBook and I'm so grateful and pleased. And so the worst part of all that? The wasted cup of tea. 

Then on the plane back from Venice (Yep, my mum is so extravagant and extra that a trip to Venice was 100% necessary for my 22nd (but honestly I’m so grateful and so lucky and omg it was the loveliest four days ever ever ever)) Mum decided to splash out  f u r t h e r  on a bottle of Chloe perfume, which I’ve wanted for the looooongest time. I’ve been spraying it on me in Boots for the longest time as I’ve been fancying the smell of this more than my signature Daisy by Marc Jacobs, and I’m so lucky to now own it.

A few new pairs of lingerie never hurt anyone on their birthday, did it? These were technically presents to myself, because it’s probably very inappropriate to ask the grandparents for a new set of scanties, right? These are both sets from Primark - the bras are around £8 each and the pants are £3. Both these sets are bloody gorgeous, feminine, sexy, flattering, and above all - they fit my minuscule chest. Weeee!

Moving on swiftly to my baby pink Italian leather backpack from Venice (thanks again mum, I am forever in your debt), which was hilariously rammed into the face of some Italian dude on the Vaparetto just minutes after purchasing it. It. Is. My. Everything. I never knew you could feel emotion towards a bloody backpack, but I do. I’ve always been a backpack kinda girl, I like having both hands free for my phone, glasses of wine, handrails when you’re falling over from too many glasses of wine, for example. It’s pretty big inside and fits all my essentials in, and injects a splash of cute baby pink into my exclusively black outfits. 

Dinner date! Chris took me to Côte Brasserie for a beautiful 3 course meal. I’d never been to Côte before, because I’m a bit sketchy on all that French fodder, but it was soooooo lush and I ate myself almost to death. It was a while ago now, but I remember that I had Egg Benedict to start, and Chris had Calamari and shared Olives. I say ‘shared”; I mostly pulled faces at the grapes of satan and dug around in the bowl for the garlic, pickles and sun-dried tomatoes. We both had minute steaks with fries, and for desert I had sorbet and he had frozen berries with melted white chocolate. Then we drank far too much and it was fabulous. 

All in all, my birthday was absolutely fantastic. I definitely did the whole “I’m 22 OMG I’m nearly dead” semi-mid-life-crisis, but the fact I had my mum over for it was amazing, and Chris was wonderful and my best friend came up to spend the day with us all, too. My Dad is paying for me to go to Ibiza later this year, and I got a few cards with a few dolla billz inside, which have probably all been spent on Five Guys by now, but hey ho! Thank you to everyone who made my birthday beautiful, I’m so lucky. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling 22! 

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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  1. That underwear is so gorgeous! And I love the backpack x


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