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When it comes to a new celebrity makeup line, my default reaction is to roll my eyes and hit snooze. I don’t tend to like them; I think they’re extra money making schemes and they usually end up being a little bit a lot underwhelming. H O W E V E R. The range launched by Rihanna at the end of last week made me do a little wee and clench my fists as I tried to resist hitting ‘purchase’ on the Harvey Nichols website. I just absolutely fell in love with the entire thing. The promotional images, the swatches, the not-so-celebrity price tag? How could I resist?

I’m a sucker for foundations. Yes, I know that there is a wealth of brightly coloured lipsticks and eyeshadows out there, but give me a 30ml tube of the beige stuff and you’ll make me the happiest girl alive. I popped the FENTY BEAUTY Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation in my online basket and hit checkout, and I’m ready to share my thoughts on this pretty little tube of goodness. 

Firstly, the pricing of this foundation, and indeed all of the products from the FENTY BEAUTY range, is very very affordable. This automatically makes me feel like this is an inclusive brand that genuinely wants to do what it says on the tin. The whole idea behind FENTY BEAUTY is to break the rules of makeup and to make all of it’s diverse customer base feel catered for and included. Automatic way to my heart, right there. The foundation cost £26, which isn’t too bad when compared to other high-end or celebrity offerings. Harvey Nichols did take the piss a bit by adding a £6 delivery charge as their standard  - most affordable - shipping option. So, all in all, the foundation cost me £32. I’m not too mad at that, though. I’ve seen soooo many tweets about waiting in line for hours outside stores and not being able to get in, so I’d probably use the online method again if I had to. 

I am the shade 120, which is the third from palest shade available. The shades are divided up into 4 groups on the website, which helps you narrow down where your skin tone might fall. But the best bit of advice I could give you - if you don’t have a store near you, that is - would be to use the Foundation Matrix on the Temptalia website. It’s a tool that allows you to input your other foundations, and then the database will tell you what colour will match you best. It’s like blimmin witchcraft, but it worked for me, and meant I didn’t have to queue up for hours. 

The formula is actually pretty dreamy. It’s oil-free, which is an absolute dream for old chip-pan face over here. It claims to be climate-adaptive, humidity resistant, sweat-proof and won’t clog your pores. What a list of promises! But, honestly, I’ve not seen it fall short of any of these promises so far. I’ve been slapping this stuff on religiously for the past 3 days, and it’s done nothing but live up to my high expectations. When applied, it feels pretty chalky - but not in a dried out, cracking sort of way. It almost feels like a light dusting of product, and doesn’t feel thick or greasy or wet like so many of my foundations do. 

Moving on to the shade range. There are 40 different shades. FOURTY SHADES! I think the only other brand with such a wide range of shade choices is Estee Lauder (who I refuse to buy from because Kendall Jenner is the face of their brand at the moment and she infuriates me). I know that my fellow pale-skinned girls struggle to find a shade light enough and with the right undertone, just as I’m aware that SO MANY dark foundation shades have unflattering red or orange undertones and just simply do not go deep enough. There are plenty of swatches available online now, from the FENTY BEAUTY site itself, but also on Instagram and various beauty blogs. 

The foundation has near enough my idea of dreeeeam packaging. It’s minimalistic, sleek, clean and simple. It’s thin, so it’ll fit in a makeup bag, and the lid clicks into place so it feels nice and secure. On top of all that, the cosmetic lords have smiled down upon us by including a pump! A PUMP! After being mugged off by NARS Sheer Glow and their AUDACITY to not include a pump, I vowed never to be taken for such a fool again. The bottle is frosted glass; my absolute fave, and has the FENTY BEAUTY logo in simple white lettering down the front. 

When pumped out, the foundation itself is actually really runny and liquidy. It’s not that it comes out too quickly, it's just quite a thin liquid. When I first squirted it out, I was a bit like *errr*, thinking that this meant the coverage was going to be crap. But it wasn’t! I prefer to apply it with a buffing brush (e.g the Sigma F80 or the ZOEVA Buffing Brush), as it seems to look nicer. Plus, I hate using blending sponges with a fiery passion, although I’m sure someone with more skillz than me would make it work. What I really like about this foundation is that it’s really buildable and you can decide whether you want a natural finish (not for me, ta) or a flawless finish (yaaas!). And still, no matter how many layers I decide to chuck on, it hasn’t felt cakey or greasy for me yet. 

The longevity of the Pro Filt’r Soft Matte Longwear Foundation is flipping fantastic. It’s the kind of thing I imagine inspired some great works of art or love songs, and I’m really very close to choreographing an expressive dance routine to convey my love for it. As someone who is notoriously greasy, I’m managing to stay matte all day. I’m sure my case is helped by a good primer and some decent setting spray, but the foundation itself certainly possesses one of the best formulas around. I’m still having to touch up my nose with a dab of powder here and there, but I don’t think that plight will end until I undergo a t-zone transplant. This foundation is up against it with my skin, but I can’t tell you how pleased I am with it.

Without wanting to exaggerate or look like I’m a slave to the hype of it all (I probably am), this is my new favourite foundation. The results I’m getting are better than most of my other foundations, and I’m just in love with the fact that FENTY BEAUTY, as a brand, has gone above and beyond to include e v e r y o n e in their range. For those of you who have struggled to find a good match for your skin, whether too pale or too dark, I’d wholeheartedly recommend looking into this range. 

I filmed a first impressions video for my YouTube channel where I gave the foundation a go for the first time, then came back and updated you with the longevity and what the wear was like. What I didn't intend on doing was getting absolutely smashed and having to try and film my review in my kitchen at half past midnight, hovering and salivating over a Chinese that was, much to my heartbreak and desperation, going rapidly cold. If nothing else, it’s worth a watch just for the hilarity of my trying to squint to see what the foundation was looking like in the little mirror. 

I hope this in-depth review helped! Will you be buying this foundation?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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