Sunday, September 17, 2017


So I'm off on my first ever solo trip tomorrow. I’m buggering off to Barcelona for some late summer sunshine and to dip my toe into the world of backpacking. I’m making suuuuuuch a mountain out of a molehill here, and I'm not gonna lie; I’m absolutely bricking it. I’m only away for 4 nights and travelling is something I’ve wanted to do for YEARS, but I guess it’ll always be a bit daunting on your first time. 

With that in mind, I wanted to put this blogpost together - not just for you lot to have a read through, but also to calm my tits and make me feel a little bit more organised. I’m generally useless at planning and I’ve literally left everything until the last day, so cue the last-minute panic and scrambling to sort everything out in time!

I picked my backpack out at Decathlon, and decided on this 50 litre Quechua backpack. I brought my dad with me to help me choose because he’s been off gallivanting around the world more times than I can count, so the man knows what he’s talking about. (I hope. If not I will have to resign myself to the backpack unravelling at the airport and having to transport my stuff in bin liners). The backpack is called the ‘Quechua Backpack Trekking Forclaz 50 Litres - Grey’, just in case you were wondering, and it has really good reviews and costed just £31.99. Pretty good if you ask me, or my dad for that matter!

I’ve packed pretty light because, lets face it, I'm away for just four days and three nights, so I really won’t need TOO much, I hope. I feel pretty confident that I’ve covered my bases; clothes, pants, bikinis, a book, me camera, chargers and a big throw/sheet/sarong type affair to act as my towel. I also thought a jumper might come in handy, just in case, and a good old pair of flip flops. 

Makeup-wise, I’m going pretty bare. I’ve packed my Vichy Dermablend Foundation because it’s long wear and has SPF35. It always looks nice and natural, and it’s one of my darker shades so I won’t look funny when my skin gets tanned. I’ve packed my Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara just because it’s my fave at the moment. My brow gel of choice is the Soap & Glory Archery Voluboost Gel because it’s a fuss-free option, and I’ve also stuck a Nivea lip balm in with it. 

My toiletries are probably the thing I’m most confident about having covering all bases with. I’ve got deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, a dinky Listerine (which had me going AWWW CUTE in Boots), a Charles Worthington Shampoo and Conditioner, and the Hawaiian Tropic Protective Dry Oil in SPF15 because I want protection but I also want that tan, u no?

I’ve got to trot along to work this evening to steal their printer and print my documents, because they’re the last thing on my list to sort out. I only bought my travel insurance like 25 minutes ago (woops) but it has arrived in the inbox and it all seems good to go. I still haven't sorted my euros but they’re gonna have to wait until I’m at the airport now. My last little challenge is going to be tomorrow morning at 5am *cries* when I have to navigate my way to Luton airport for my early flight. 

I’m really really nervous but I'm honestly so excited. I know I'm going to love it, and I know that when I get back, I’m going to be furiously scrolling through websites to find my next journey. I plan on VLOGging this trip, so do look out for that when I'm home! I’m also gonna be spamming everyone who is unfortunate enough to follow me on Instagram with pictures of pretty much everything I see and do, so give me a follow over there if you fancy that. 

See you on the other side!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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