Wednesday, November 22, 2017


I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t going through a really really really really rough patch at the moment. There’s my third year of uni to consider, working outside of my uni hours, mental illness, emotional + relationship stress, and why don’t we throw in the fact that I’m feeling so low about myself at the moment. Trying to keep blogging and YouTube going is a struggle. But it’s one of the things that keeps me ticking along and gives me such a sense of accomplishment and happiness. So why the flip should I let it fall by the wayside? 

Despite everything feeling like its being flushed down the proverbial toilet, I’ve been doing some nice things. And between all the shaking my fist at the sky and over-indulging in scotch eggs, I’m doing things that are lovely and trying to keep my head up. 

Slobbing around in my new ASOS dressing gown on my ‘down-days’ is keeping my spirits up a little bit. If I’m inside my flat, I am in this dressing gown. And here we have, a Jasmine in her natural habitat; drinking Twinings, playing the Sims 4 and watching repeats of Come Dine With Me. I spent a chunk of cash on a Boohoo + ASOS haul a couple of weeks ago, and this £28 Fluffy Cloud Robe was the highlight of my haul. Also the loves of my life Farleigh High Waisted Slim Mom Jeans. *swoon* 

Date Night is always the highlight of my week. I look forward to it eeeevery Monday. We usually go and get steak, have some drinks and ban the dreaded mobile phones (apart from to take pictures of the food because YES I AM THAT GIRL). We went to Côte Brasserie last week. Sadly, date night was postponed this week, but I’m hoping things will get back on track soon. 

Wintery walks around Greenwich park have become a bit of a ritual for me lately. I like to walk up and grab a Costa on the way. I wistfully sit around contemplating life, sipping coffee and trying to take pictures of autumnal looking trees in typical blogger form. Walking is proving invaluable for thinking, de-stressing and trying to work things out. Plus, it’s great for the ‘gram. 

WELL, WHAT A BLOODY GLOOMY INSTA CATCH UP. To be honest, it’s been a bloody gloomy week for me. There’s about a million and one things I’ve got on my list in order to get things back on track. Operation-Sort-My-Life-Out is underway!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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