Thursday, December 21, 2017


Um…what? You know when you really want to like something, and it ends up being a massive gross fail? I’ve adored pretty much everything I’ve ever bought from Lush. I bought this bath bomb about a month ago, and since I’ve just come down with a hideous cold, I thought I’d try it out one evening. I was looking forward to it soooo much but it was bloody disgusting. Fail!

The Snow Fairy jelly bomb costs £4.95, so it’s about standard for their larger bombs. It’s baby pink with white circles, and has a little white star on the outer edge for a bit of decoration. It’s a lovely looking bath bomb, and I was intrigued by the name ‘jelly bomb’ in the store. I thought it looked cute, though, so I took it home and popped it on the bathroom shelf and forgot about it for a while.

Fast forward to tonight, and I’m really under the weather; sneezing, coughing, snivelly nose etc etc etc (i’m ready for my close-up), and I decide to run myself a niiiiice relaxing bath and watch Splash. 

I must say, the Snow Fairy bath bomb smells gorgeous. It’s got the perfect bedtime bath scent, and the water (eventually) turned a pretty pink colour.

HOWEVER. WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL. I don’t know about you guys, but I don’t find the idea of lying in what feels like pond slime very relaxing. The bath bomb took its sweet sweet time breaking apart - I ended up crumbling it with my hands because it was taking soooo long. 

When it had finally dispersed properly, there were still chalky clumps in the water. And then there’s the ‘jelly’. It was honestly one of the grossest experiences of my life. I can’t imagine who would enjoy it! I was panicking because I thought it had gone off, maybe I had left it too long before using it, and it had gone manky. But no…after googling some reviews I discovered that it’s just a manky bath bomb in general. 

I cut my bath short and pulled the plug out. I dried myself off and made sure I got all the slimy bits of jelly off. A couple hours later, I went to the loo and noticed that the bomb has left a huge, thick, slippery layer of slime at the bottom of the bath! Arghhhh. Lush, you have never failed me! 

To be honest, this might be your idea of a fun bomb to try. I checked the website, and it looks like it is being discontinued. It has plenty of negative reviews on the site, so maybe there’s lots of others who don’t like it either. Some people really liked it though, too! If you want to try it out, though, it looks like you don’t have long to try it out. I, for one, will not be spending another fiver of my hard-earned coin on this weird slimy monstrosity again.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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  1. I bought this, purely because I love the scent but It was grim. Yours went better than mine, I was left with with pink lumps all over me, and It took me ages to scrub them off!

    Sophie -


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