Saturday, January 13, 2018


So this may not be the most substantial or relevant blog post for your life, but I am so so so so soooooo happy because I recently got the camera of my dreams. I wanted to do a quick review for you, coming particularly from the blogging/vlogging stance because a lot of the stuff I found online when I was doing my research was hella general and not TOO helpful for me.

I’m not a tecchy gal, I have never spent ‘real’ money on a camera before. In the past I’ve used only Fujifilm because they’re the ones my mum used and I was always given hers when she upgraded. My mum has always been into her photography and never used her camera for video, so when I got hold of them, I realised the video recording capabilities were less than dope. 

So, I finally decided to bite the bullet and splashed 500 of the Queen’s English pounds on the Canon Powershot G7 X Mark II camera, which I’d done a fair bit of research on. Some of my fave bloggers and YouTubers use it, and I’m sure it was Katie Snooks who said it was a fab vlogging camera. I ordered mine from John Lewis on the Friday, and it arrived on Monday morning. It came with Royal Mail so I was a bit like ‘eerrrmmmm I spent £500 on this can you send it with someone a bit more legit?’, but it still needed signing for so I guess it was ok.

The camera itself is a heavy bit of kit. Much heavier than I was expecting, but not so heavy that you can’t take it around with you and hold it up to film yourself. It feels very sturdy, and the outside is sleek, metallic black. The best thing, for me, about this camera is that the screen flips up so you can see yourself if you’re filming your own face. It’s come in so handy so far for making YouTube videos.

On top of that, the resolution is so freaking high and the images that this camera takes are some of the clearest, crispest, most HD images I’ve ever seen. As I said, I’m not particularly tecchy, but after upgrading from a 5 year old Fujifilm to this Canon camera, I’m blown away by the difference in image quality. 

You can head over to my YouTube channel (link) to see the camera in action. My last two videos were taken using this newbie, and if you compare it to the videos before, you’ll see a HUUUUGE difference.

Which camera do you use for blogging? 

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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