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What happens when your sister tells you she’s too lazy to buy you a Christmas present, so she transfers you a hundred quid and tells you to get one yourself? Well, I can reveal that you are likely to end up with the Anastasia Beverly Hills Prism Palette! I’ve been eyeing this up for a loooong time, but 43 spare quids don’t come very easily to me, and I was waiting for Christmas to be overly cheeky and ask one of my poor relatives to buy me it…

My last experience with an ABH Palette was the Modern Renaissance Palette, which I reviewed here. I was absolutely beyond in love with it. I felt like the eyeshadows were almost like ‘pressed pigments’ rather than your usual shadows, because they were so amazingly opaque. I saw the Subculture Palette released, and decided not to bother after all the negative reviews. Then this one came out, and I decided that life simply wouldn’t be complete without it.

The packaging is absolutely stunning. I adore the ABH trademark of the velvet outside of the palettes. I must also mention how good the little free brushes you get with the ABH Palettes. I always sort of expect a brush with a palette, but I always expect it to be crap. I was presently surprised by the ABH brushes, which are double sided. The fluffy side is perfect for the crease, and the shorter side does a good job of the lid and under-eye area. 

I nicked these shade descriptions from BeautyBay, which is where I bought mine from. They’re currently limited to 1 per person on the website, and cost £43.
Lucid – A duo chrome white gold with pink reflects.
Eden – A matte coral pink.
Unity – A matte nude ochre.
Sphinx – A warm metallic bronze.
Osiris – A dark metallic violet with red reflects.
Sphere – A matte electric green yellow.
Obsidian – A deep matte black.
Dimension – A duo chrome silver grey with pink reflects.
Parallel – A matte truffle.
Pyramid – A metallic yellow gold with green reflects.
Throne – A metallic blackened green with multi-colour reflects.
Saturn – A matte terracotta.
Eternal – A metallic violet copper.
Lure – A matte lilac.

Left to right: Lucid, Eden, Unity, Sphinx, Osiris, Sphere, Obsidian. 

I feel like this top row of shadows are somewhat not-cohesive. The colours are all pretty, don’t get me wrong, but they look sort of mish-mashed and piled in there together at random. Of the seven top shades, Sphinx and Osiris are the most beautiful and striking. I like Obsidian, although I did expect it to be more pigmented from a finger swatch. Eden and Unity will both get a fair amount of wear from me, but Sphere is literally the grossest, most random neon yellow. I can’t see myself wearing it, personally!

Left to right: Dimension, Parallel, Pyramid, Throne, Saturn, Eternal, Lure.

This row of shadows looks much more cohesive, compared to the top row. The shades look like they will go well together in makeup looks, and share a similar sort of ‘feel’, if you will. I adoooore Dimension, Pyramid and Throne because they were all super pigmented from the finger swatch and their shimmeriness is s t u n n i n g. Saturn and Lure are also super gorgeous, although they remind me a bit too much of Realgar and Buon Fresco from the Modern Renaissance Palette. Hmmm…?

I think the shades faced a bit of scrutiny online from other eagle-eyed bloggers who realised that a lot of the shades resembled the Subculture Palette a bit too closely. Luckily for me, I didn’t bother with the universally disappointing Subculture Palette, and I’m much happier to have received the Prism Palette for Christmas!

I also sort of think that the colours would look better in a different order. You know, spoon feed us idiots who can't work out basic colours on our own! Maybe if the shades were ordered light to dark? Or put the nudey ones together and the more vibrant shades together to make it easier to work out where to put what? I don't know. It's a bit late now, anyway!

It’s an absolutely gorgeous palette, and one I’m so glad I can finally add to my collection. The thing I love about Anastasia Beverly Hills’ palettes is that both of the ones I’ve tried so far have been fantastic quality. It’s a brand you’ll have to fork out a little bit for, but for a cruelty-free and very luxe brand, it’s a really well-deserved treat.

Have you tried any of the ABH palettes? What did you think of them?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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  1. This is such a gorgeous palette!!
    I've seen a similar one from Morphe which I might treat myself too on payday, I need to get more creative with my eyes. I didn't realise this brand was cruelty free which makes it even better :D

    Sophie -


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