Thursday, February 15, 2018


Hello, I’m Jasmine, and I’m a 22 year old woman who has been having my hair bleached since I was 13, and I STILL HAVEN’T FIGURED OUT HOW TO DO MY OWN ROOTS WITHOUT CAUSING MYSELF SERIOUS EMOTIONAL PAIN AND EMBARRASSMENT. It costs anywhere between £50 and £120 to get the treatment I want at a hair salon. Since moving to London, I haven’t found anyone affordable enough or good enough (let’s not mention the run-in I had with the Bulgarian hair salon last year, or the £280 price quote I had in Shoreditch before Christmas) to bleach my roots for me. 

So, when Knight & Wilson got in touch asking if I’d like to try some of their new products (click here!), I jumped at the chance. YES! I would like free hair goodies, and YES I’ll try them all out even though I lack literally every hair-related skill. No, seriously, I can barely even blow-dry my hair properly. I conveniently forgot that I have the same talent for hairdressing as an armless chimpanzee, and accepted a big old box of goodies. Including at-home bleach. Which I threw on my roots with gay abandon. Did I set a timer? No. Did I know what I was doing? …haven’t you been listening? No! Enter my slightly ginger tinged roots. Here’s how I managed to get away with it…

Ahhhh, look at those roots. Nice and golden, seamlessly blending into my silvery-blonde lengths. A true work of hair art. Obviously, I knew that it had to be fixed, but I’m not making a 6-hour train journey for a hairdresser appointment, nor am I forking out for a London salon to fix it. 

I’m really lucky to have been sent various hair products in the past by brands like Crazy Color, Scott Cornwall and Colour Freedom. So, naturally, I’ve got a few boxes stored under my bed with various toners and stains and dyes for me to use when an emergency presents itself. I decided to mix up a little concoction using a few products I’ve been sent in the past, and not got around to using yet. 

I rummaged through the boxes and decided on the Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Toner in Silver Blonde, Scott Cornwall Colour Restore Toner in Lilac Grey, and Crazy Colour Semi-Permanent Hair Colour Cream in Candyfloss. I mixed up two bowls; the first had waaaay more of the Silver Blonde and Lilac Grey toners, with a few squirts of the pink. The second had more pink, with a fair amount of Lilac Grey in it, and just a touch of the Silver Blonde. I am sooooo pleased with how it turned out...

I used the more-pink mixture on my roots, which ended up creating a pretty nice rose-gold effect over the top of my roots. The rose-gold roots then blend down into a really pretty icy pink. I’m sure you can still sort of tell that I’ve had a bit of a root-related disaster, but it is definitely a lot less obvious. I’ve had this colour for a few days now, and it is already fading. I wish it would stay put a little longer, but I’m already tossing up my next move, and I’m leaning towards lavender. But for now, I guess the moral of the story is: “if you’ve fucked something up, cover it entirely in pink”.

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


  1. I love this colour on you! I can't say I've had any hair disasters yet *touch wood*, but I did sob my little heart out when I decided to get my hair cut short for the first time haha, I'm still adjusting x

    1. I still haven't decided what to do with my roots! They're still slightly orange, but I'm still thinking I'll go lavender when I re-bleach the roots haha!
      I'm actually thinking of chopping a significant amount of hair off, mine looks so dead at the ends. I'm sure yours looks fab, it's so 'in' at the mo!



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