Friday, March 16, 2018


Spring is in the aaaaaair! It’s making me feel like I want to wear makeup more often, and I’m feeling like I can finally be bothered. Over the winter months I literally cannot be arsed. I am scruffy. I am the lowest-of-the-low maintenance. Sometimes people try to give me their spare change on the street. So with the warmer weather, I’m enjoying pulling out old favourites and I’ve found the purrrfect combination of base products for Spring!

Spring is great because your skin tends to look a bit more radiant anyway, but I love to milk it and add a primer that makes you all glowy and extra. This Laura Mercier primer is really lovely; it’s very comfortable, adds subtle shimmer that comes slightly through the foundation, and keeps your makeup on for a good long while. It’s a primer I never actually bought for myself, but it turned up in a Birchbox and I couldn’t have been more pleasantly surprised.

Right, so I have spent more than I’d care to admit on makeup brushes in the past. So I am bleedin’ flabbergasted that one of my favourite makeup brushes costed a fiver. iHerb stocks RealTechniques, e.l.f and Bdellium Tools brushes and is certainly worth a look. I’m addicted to buffing brushes, and this one is very soft, and blends foundation in really nicely.

This is hands-down the most incredible foundation to grace the face of the earth (and the face of me). It’s medium to full coverage, silky smooth, it has loads of shades. I’m obsessed with foundations, and probably have more of them than any other makeup product, so I like to think I know what I’m talking about. It’s the kind of foundation that people stop to ask you what it is because you be lookin so fly. It’s brightening and suits this time of the year perfectly.

I feel like I almost *should* this in my post because it goes hand in hand with the foundation. They really work together well. The concealer is thick and creamy, and covers even the darkest of 3rd-year-university eye bags. My only issue is that it’s literally nine quid cheaper than the foundation, and you get less than half. Yeah, it’s a good concealer but is it that good? 

With Spring comes sun, and with sun comes sweat. AND WITH SWEAT COMES OILY T-ZONES AND MELTING MAKEUP. I’ve used this MAC powder since I first started getting into makeup. Not only does it add an extra layer of coverage to your base, it also helps to mattify and keep your foundation and concealer in place. I’ve never found a powder that I like as much as this one (and believe me, I’ve tried to find an alternative because £24.50 isn’t friendly on the bank account).

Mattifying setting sprays are crucial for me during Spring because I can begin resembling the BP oil spill very quickly in warmer weather. After running out of my trusty Make Up Revolution Oil Fix Spray, I decided to invest an extra two pounds in a setting spray and try NYX’s offering. I’ve fallen in love with this one, because it works faaaaaaar better than the one I was previously using. It’s also dead cheap, so I can be as spritz-happy as I like.

What are your go-to Spring makeup products?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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