Sunday, April 15, 2018


Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Except, in this case, the ‘extra’ refers to Saint Aymes near Marble Arch tube station, and its drool-inducing pastel coloured 24ct gold unicorn lattes. Within a mere 16hrs of stumbling across this insta-worthy cafe on Instagram, I was stood in its doorway and trying to hold in the squeals. I’m aaaaaall one for splashing over £16 on two coffees if it means I can pose by some pretty flowers and eat an actual piece of gold for the first time. My boyfriend, on the other hand, is not so inclined. However, after he pinged me over a tenner with the transfer reference saying “£10 for one coffee FFS”, I think he secretly enjoyed it.

Saint Aymes is less than a ten-minute walk from Marble Arch in West London (ooh, I say!), and a little bit tucked away down a mostly residential street. As I said, I was just minding my business, not trying to spend any money, scrolling through my instagram feed when their cafe jumped out at me. Sorry, but the blogger within me was never going to resist the hanging purple flowers and interior walls made of peonies. 

One of the girls working there saw me take about 274 pictures before I even got in the door and greeted me with “Omg, I love you, you’re extra like me!” and I was like “yaaaaAAAAS” and she was like “oh I love your nails, let me show you this nail instagram account” and I was like “excuse me, why is everything about this place so fabulous????

We I chose to sit outside (even though it wasn’t very warm) because pictures were my priority. There’s about three small tables out the front and probably four inside, so not looooads of room. I can imagine people queuing for tables during the summer months. On their menu they’ve got a little disclaimer saying that during busy periods they have to limit each coffee-sesh to one hour to free up the tables.

Chris and I both wanted the Signature 24ct Gold Unicorn Latte, which costs £7.45 a go. You can even choose which pastel colour you want your latte to be; I chose lilac to match my hair and Chris went for pink. They’re served up topped with whipped cream, marshmallow, some sparkly sprinkles and a real 24ct gold leaf. The napkins are a beautiful barbie pink, the teaspoons resemble what Nicki Minaj might have in her kitchen, and the saucers are a beautiful (and insta-worthy) duck-egg blue. The espresso shot comes on the side. We’d have ordered some pancakes too, but since we got there at about 5pm, we were told it was too late for pancakes. 

It was suuuuch a fun little excursion and I’d love to go back some time soon to try one of the food items from the menu. They do macaroons, pancakes, pastries and chocolates. They also have ‘regular’ coffees and teas. Just a heads up, they put a 12.5% service charge on the bill, but they do also offer a polaroid photo-service for £5, if you’d like a cute little souvenir from the trip. I found that taking my own camera and semi-willing boyfriend/photographer worked better for me though; I got loads of pictures and saved a fiver.

Would you visit Saint Aymes?

Lots of love,
Jasmine x


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