Monday, June 4, 2018


It’s about time I write a bloody blog post, then, isn’t it? This was actually my Easter present, so I am super late reviewing this, but #Y0L0, #$WAG etc. Because neither me or my sister are really keen on chocolate, my family created a now long-standing tradition where we get a easter ‘themed’ present, rather than a big ol’ choccie egg that’ll go mouldy before I get around to it. 

I honestly think that relentless sending of RuPaul’s Drag Race gifs to my mum paid off with this one. My mum decided on the almost appallingly sparkly Chocolate Gold palette by my favourite brand in the whole wide world (at the moment): Too Faced. While the palette is definitely chocolate-themed, the names of the shades are straight up boujee and extra; Money Bags, Holla For A Dollar, and Livin’ Lavish are a few. And the shades are cray-cray. SO VERY cray-cray, that when I first opened the palette, I had to avert my eyes and go and find a pair of sunglasses. 

The Too Faced Chocolate Gold Palette features 16 (yes, sixtEEN) shades; most are shimmers, foils and metallics but there are a few mattes in there too. The fact that the eyeshadows are made with 100% real cocoa powder and real gold just add to the booooujiness of it all, and the full-size mirror seriously fulfils palette goals. All of the shadows are hyper-pigmented and creamy in their texture. You really only need one good swipe for amazing colour payoff. 

I also absolutely love the packaging (and if you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that the packaging of a product equates to 50% of how much I like something). It’s a chocolate bar-looking rectangular palette with faux golden drips. It should look tacky, but I am honestly living for it. Also, the second you open the lid, you get whacked in the face by the smell of sweet sweet chocolate. I don’t really eat a lot of chocolate, but I do love the smell of it.

So far, I’ve only used this palette a couple of times. The eyeshadows aren’t your average off-to-Asda colours. I think this palette deserves to be saved for serious nights out and experimenting. Nevertheless, despite the hot pink and bright green, the shades are mainly coppers, bronzes, golds and nudes, meaning a little touch of glitter could jazz up an otherwise ‘everyday’ makeup look. 

I can’t wait to give it a good try. I’ve been itching to give a super sparkly eyeshadow look a try since swatching the shades, because you can tell how incredibly high quality they are. This is only my second Too Faced eyeshadow palette (I bought the Boudoir Eyes palette about 5 years ago), but after seeing how utter faaabulous dah-ling this one is, I’m definitely eyeing another one up with a couple more matte shades so I can dig into it and wear it a bit more. Having said that, watch this space for a bunch of drag-tastic, shimmery, golden sunset makeup looks because this piece of golden goodness has got me feeling inspired!

Lots of love,
Jasmine x

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