Friday, August 31, 2018


And so begins the round-up of the last month of my life! I’m having to accept that I’m a bit of a living cliche; I graduated from university in July and promptly went off travelling to, like, tOOOtally find myself (or to avoid getting a grown-up job for at least another month). You will probably have seen some Instagram posts that I spent far too long on, interspersed with a bunch of half-arsed Instagram stories, and they may have given you a vague idea as to where on the continent I was. 

I’ve had this interrail trip planned for about a year. I’ve wanted to go around Europe ever since I moved back to the UK, and finally found a unsuspecting victim willing partner, my boyfriend Chris, to make the trip with me.   And so, we started saving up our pennies and roughly mapping routes and looking at potential hostels. We eventually settled on a plan and worked on scraping the funds together. It felt like f o r e v e r waiting for the 21st of July to come around, but it finally did. 

So without further ado, here’s a roundup of my time in Croatia...
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